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Beyond the big ass smile, ironically Obama's left side gives him away. Notice throughout this video how his mouth literally slides to the left. Normally he's presents a symmetrical aspect, but here he's talking out of the left side of his mouth.
You don't know me, Pam, from Adam. But I think I've seen the key to your soul. And should a stranger kiss you in a full embrace, hell, it might be me. All I have to remember is the secret, which as Hitch says, is to approach 90% of the way to the kiss, and then wait... At least I think that's what Hitch says. PS you're going to CPAC, yes?
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers at Atlas Shrugs
Once Climategate got past the October sit-on-it-and-it-might-fade-away stage, any dependent legislation out of Congress also faded away. Even Democrats know that AGW legislation is just one Pulitzer Prize away from a complete rout. Right now the is in the lead, but it seems a sure bet that US reporters are crying daily to their editors to run with the story. Democrats also know that the future Republican majority hearings into the mess would not be fun. This buffalo has stumbled and right now we're looking for who has the long knives. By the way, much has been made about how Interpol was given special exclusion from investigations in the US. But Barry issued his declaration after returning from Copenhagen. As I read it, those exclusions protect the IPCC and the UN as well. Care to bet that Holder would see it differently?
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Climategate Conspirator Cracks at Atlas Shrugs
Ron Reagan replaces that old punchline that a preacher's kid can be good for nothing, with President Reagan's son can be right for nothing. Ron like Megan gets airtime because of daddy. Must be a bit of a drag to be important only because you're a horse's ass instead of a chip off the block. As for the Behar show, when they asserted that Obama kicked the Republican's asses at last week's dog and pony show, I decided that what I was watching was yet another demonstration of the Liberal Echo Chamber. That's where what passes for thought ricochets from a mouth to ear to mouth without intervention of brains. There's probably some bouncing around inside those skulls but near as I can figure, it's like an 60's rockstar guitarist using feedback from his Marshalls. Must be pleasurable for them; they do it so much. Thanks for representing, Pam. But in spite of your broom, I regret watching that trash.
A reminder: Sarah lives rent free in their heads. and a line: 'Dunno. Let me check my iPalm.' Write "Sarah!" there beforehand.
That Schumer is right behind the Supremes does not seem to be mere happenstance. In fact, he looks primed to hop up and clap.
This bit of Letterman news is key to the realization that his show is just Beavis and Butthead without their spot-on music appreciation. I predict 'Letterman' will be a derisive term for workplace lechers. Maybe the L sign for loser will take on this additional meaning. Think of it as the Letterman salute. Works for me.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2009 on Icon vs. Predator at Atlas Shrugs
I think among all Islamic leaders, the Indonesian president (perhaps former, I'm not sure) wrote a long op-ed after 9/11 that spoke to this split within Islam, and the need for moderate Muslims to win. It was published in the Wall Street Journal; maybe Palin read it.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on With Love from Hong Kong at Atlas Shrugs
Pam, This Baltimore Jewish Times article sheds light on at least a part of Jewish support for Obama. It is about Ron Bloom, the car czar. Here's the money quote, The Labor Zionist movement prides itself in its direct connection with union work and its ability to inspire leadership, said Kenneth Bob, the president of Ameinu, the Labor Zionist organization that provides funding to the Habonim Dror youth movement. Prior to his ascent in the Labor Zionist movement, Bob was actually Bloom’s counselor at Camp Tel Ari, Habonim’s leadership training institute. He recalled Bloom as being “a very serious, engaged person, there for the right reasons, to drink in the experience and learn as much as he could.” Bob said there is a “great deal of pride” within the Habonim community regarding Bloom’s new position in the Obama administration. “There’s definitely been a buzz on the online alumni listserv,” Bob said. “People are very proud, very supportive of Obama and excited about the things he’s trying to do, and to have one of our own helping.” I am starting to think that the socialist/communist/activist wing of the American Jewish community have mistaken Obama's Chicago socialism as common ground; I hope it isn't a fatal mistake for Israel. It's a pity that these Americans will not directly suffer for their lapse of judgement.
"But I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking." Obama gets away with another coded slap at his opponents which, like his giving the finger to Hillary, is not missed by his audience. Had a white man said the same about a black community -- say about cleaning up Philadelphia or Atlanta or Detroit or Oakland or you-name-it-cuz-they-all-pretty-much-suck-the-same-for-the-same-reasons, we'd still be hearing from the media about how awful that was.
Obama channels Rev. Wright's at his most incendiary when he leans into the microphone and talks out of the side of his mouth. (Obama didn't hear Wright's words, he was too busy learning technique.) Interestingly, he does sort of blow it at 0:32 when his little lying kid is let out of the bag. He looks right at the camera as if he saying, "Did you catch me?".
Cramer picks on the Fed because he never gets market tops and turns right. So he has to come on his show and jump and yell because otherwise his viewers would be much too aware of his buy-at-the-top advice. Anyone with a brain knows the market has turned radically south after every Bernanke cut -- it's almost as if fund managers are putting on a dog and pony show to see if Ben is trainable. So after some profit taking and checking the skies for Bernanke's Helicopter, the market will recover. Probably faster this time because eventually even fund managers will realize that every time they put the market on sale, Kuwait et al are lapping it up. ps. As for CNBC - since that Berkeley leftist Hoffman took over, it is usually Cr@p Nuthing But Cr@p.
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