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Washington, DC
Archivist, National Institutes of Health
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I totally agree with the last comment. Such changes and the opportunity to participate as information professionals, a great time to be a librarian.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2010 on Incentives at T. Scott
I thought my grandparents on both sides of my family were related. In the south, not totally outside the realm of possibility but not in our case. The families were close long before my parents married. It is a nice memory and a wonderful way to view one's "clan". Sorry about the confusion with Facebook posting. What do I know, I'm 54 yrs old and outside the loop.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on Figuring Out Who's Who at T. Scott
If Jimmy Page had been a librarian, he would have had a blog just like this.
Tom, Just a quick note to say I enjoy your posts quite a lot. Working in a special collections/archives academic library in faraway rural Kentucky, reading your posts opens the wide-world of librarianship and what librarians and other humans (I'm a runner too) are thinking, blogging and posting about librarianship, life and racing. Best to you and looking forward to the next 1000.
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Tom, I offer my condolences. My mother died at age 53 from a stroke. No matter how long we have our parents, the passing of them is difficult. Again, condolences and peace.
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Congratulations. The directory is impressive. I too have been offered a position (although a cross country move is involved) I believe it will be good. It is nice to be working and contributing to the library field again!
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2006 on Work at Tom Roper's Weblog
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As an unemployed librarian in the U.S. I can sympathize. I would ask search committees to stop asking inane questions such as "What hobbies do you have?". "What do you do for fun?". In a recent campus interview, that was asked by two different search committee members. I replied that I'm a runner which elicited no response at all. I so wanted to say something totally bizarre (the possibilities are endless!) but good manners prohibited me. The awkwardness of the interview small talk chat can be the worst part of the interview process.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2006 on Unemployment at Tom Roper's Weblog
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Undergraduate students here in the US seem to demonstrate much the same traits you describe in your post. But as librarians we must allow access, in my opinion, to all users/seekers. In national libraries, academic, special collections and, of course, public libraries. In my part of the US (Pacific Northwest) I have noticed the same amount of cell phone use by professors and users (parents in particular). In the southern US, library etiquette (at least as of 2000) was practiced a bit more diligently. Interesting cultural contrasts.
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