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Winged Hussar 1683
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What is Turkish for: (1) It did not happen. (2) We did not know. (3) We were not there. (4) We were only following orders. Maybe Abraham Foxman of the ADL could help the Nazis 1915 Turks out with this.
This is what you get when you allow bipedal rodents to infest your country. A behavioral choice is not a race, religion, or ethnicity.
Here is the YouTube video description: "Mullah Ismael Sosaae from Arbil (Iraqi Kurdistan) says wife and child beating, including FGM, is required by Islam. He depicts the fight on violence against women as a Jewish plot and asserts that for the Shafi'i sect of Islam it is a religious duty to mutilate girls." In other words, we have this self-proclaimed Musloid saying openly that the Shafi'i sect of Islam is inherently EVIL and an enemy of civilized Humanity.