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I'd like to add to what NetflixShill wrote. I have a fairly large queue (since I'm on the one-at-a-time plan) of around 220 movies. However, I've also got a very large number of films in saved (not sure if they count them as being "in your queue." What I've never figured out is why, oh why, are these films listed as being available when they are clearly not available. Many of these have been in the Saved queue for at least a year. I've got 19 films in the Saved section, so that's less than 10%. That's not bad, however, the chance of these films ever becoming available through Netflix is slim to none. Or so it would seem. Some, like Two-Lane Blacktop, are very hard to get. But My Dinner with André? Fat City? Shivers? Fulci's The Beyond? I'm pretty sure Sjostrom's Sunrise is around (haven't checked lately), but if Netflix doesn't have the DVD, why list it? Does anyone know? By the way, availability for all these films is listed as "Unknown."
I received a couple of these messages. The most distant was for a copy of _Repo Man_, which was sent from southern CA (I'm in NYC). On another occasion, a DVD was sent from Chicago. It took about a week for Repo Man to arrive. The Chicago shipment took longer than normal. Rather annoying. To follow up on another comment, Netflix can be rather tardy about acknowledging returns that are shipped on weekends. If I mail it on Sunday, I rarely get an acknowledgment of receipt before Tuesday -- and the return center is not very far from Manhattan. Frustrating.
The "Contact Netflix" page is next to useless. When I did receive a cracked disc a few months ago, I reported it on the problems page (I forget what it is called exactly) and received a new disc within a day or two. By then I had returned the cracked disc I had been sent. However, I have complained about S L O W service and discs being shipped from CA (I'm in NY). What happened to the one-day shipping? I never receive answers to those complaints, by the way.
Don't know if I've ever had one disappear. I don't really check them after I write them, and I've only written a handful. However, to respond to an earlier comment, I do read other users' reviews and often find them useful and informative. Many of them are clearly written with care and a lot of concern for the films being reviewed. How to find them? Don't know. Isn't there a link at the bottom of the list to "Read more reviews?"
Toggle Commented May 11, 2007 on Netflix Censors Reviews? at Hacking NetFlix
Yup. They're awful. Been showing up on the NYTimes Web site for a long time. But they're not new. Don't know what they're from; at least I don't recognize the characters. They're going to scare away the new users!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2007 on Netflix's Creepy Ads at Hacking NetFlix
I've been with Netflix a little over a year. If my memory serves me, I have received one cracked disc during that period. Some of the discs were quite worn, but they did play (in a computer DVD drive). I have had much worse luck with the local rental places.
What customer service? The most frustrating part of Netflix is the canned responses to questions and the limited amount of information they provide on the "Contact Netflix" page.