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Twits. They claim to advocate women's rights; but they can't handle the truth being told by a strong woman.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2013 on @Salon's Greatest Hits at Atlas Shrugs
Buh bye! Later! You have not yet seen the ability of the American military to blow you away! Just imagine if our nuclear arsenal were being used against you now! The real infidels ought to be shaking in their sandals now.
Atlas: Sometimes, I don't know how you have the fortitude to keep it up. We are with you. Still here.
Even the nails of the most evil continue growing after death. Imagine that!
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Right Vs. Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
It would indeed be interesting to see what Ayn Rand had to say were she around these days. I don't think she rejected the moral notion of the collective, I think she rejected the political notion of the collective, because it seeks to rob humanity of individuality, personal success, and liberty. And besides, political collectivism is merely a way of turning slavery on its head. Instead of poor folks working for "the rich", let's enslave the talented professionals and force them to work for nothing, then take credit (plus, as always, a cut of the money), so that poor folks can have "free" services. I simply disbelieve that Pam is a shill for anybody. Somehow, I think she marches to the beat of a different drummer. And, besides, you can't help liking a blogger who uses terms like "al Jiz" and "Puff Ho" on a regular basis!
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Right Vs. Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
Meh. Learning how to spell "Pamela" would be a good start.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Right Vs. Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
I went to St. Ignatius in Cleveland during that period (class of '77). Teaser was a great, moving album; but it had nothing to do with Catholic theology. Another great one was "Imagine" being played by some teacher. I was like, um, isn't this really nihilism you're preaching here? No God? No heaven? Only the ground below us, and above us only sky? Then there was "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on my Wayward Son" by Kansas. Once, during weekly services, one of the Jesuits had had enough and literally grabbed the microphone in the chapel and lectured us for 1/2 hour on how "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" means the exact opposite of "all we are is dust in the wind." He explained how the important part of Christianity is what one does with that period called "life" in between ashes and ashes, and dust and dust; how we are meant to return to dust; but in the meantime we have a life and responsibilities and obligations and should be grateful that our creator has given us life, even if temporarily. One of the more memorable moments I've ever had in a place of worship.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Right Vs. Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
Yeh, and Cat Stevens didn't write "Morning has Broken." That is a Christian hymn the he co-opted, then persuaded Rick Wakeman of YES to let him use Rick's intro, middle, and outro, then failed to give Wakeman credit on the album, then failed even to pay him the twenty five bucks he promised for the use of Rick's work on Teaser and the Firecat. Wakeman was already a star; but he graciously took it and didn't say anything. Isn't it sickening how the holiest of the holy celebrities turn out to be the biggest liars and thieves of them all? No wonder "Cat" had no problem becoming "Yusuf." Four wives and all the money and songs and lyrics you can steal, free of the British copyright laws? What self-respecting phony loser "prophet" could resist switching religions for something like that? After all, Charlie Sheen's supposed to be a sex symbol; but the only "sex" he gets costs $12K, per night. If I had an extra $12K I didn't need, I'd walk across the street to St. Dominics and donate the money so it could pay for part of its sports program.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on Right Vs. Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
Well, whatever it would take to rock the Casbah. These people are no different than the Japanese militarists. Once their shrines start going up in flames, they might get the idea. They need to have the fight taken to them in a way that makes even the densest of them understand that they are never going to rule the world, and if they want to survive, they need to grow up and behave.
The BBC is reporting this as an "ethnic clash." Since when did "religion" and "ethnicity" become confused?
"The Ontario Provincial Police hate crimes and extremism unit conducted a lengthy investigation and brought the case to Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley last year." -- Too bad they're full up prosecuting the likes of Mark Steyn.
Under Ohio law, a sanctions motion can request attorney's fees, meaning the reasonable value of the services rendered. This in part prevents someone from claiming they don't owe fees in a sanctions case because the other party was represented pro bono. It has nothing to do with what was actually paid; but is based on the value of what had to be done to oppose the frivolous conduct.
This one never spent enough time in prison to become a jihadist.... Just your run of the mill, schizoid psycho-sociopathic, messianic loser with a five pointed star branded in his cheek for no apparent reason. In short, one of the few, the nuts, the morons that the jihadists are looking for as they scour our prisons offering redemption and eternal pussy in exchange for going Columbine on innocent people. I'm sure al Qaeda would have considered him a real "catch." These people feed on crazies.
The emails have already shown: -Destruction of evidence -Conspiracy to defraud -Conspiracy to destroy evidence -Defamation -Wilfull failure to comply with British FOIA and conspiracy to dodge avoid compliance with FOIA requests -Falsification of data These people are scum. They've been lying to us all along, and that doesn't even take into account the information that we will never see because these brilliant alchemists conspired to sanitize their email and then were dumb enough not to santize the emails where they discussed sanitizing the emails. Expect the AGW crowd to grow maniacly shrill in the coming weeks leading up to Copenhagen. Now that the cat is out of the bag, these Alinskyites will step up their savage attacks on the "deniers," i.e., anybody who's actually READ these stunning emails. There's just too damn much of OUR money at stake here for these jerks to quit now, with the object of their little coup de tat in sight. They deserve to be prosecuted and I hope they are.
They've got ten months to go before they get HURLED out of office in 2010. That's why they're starting to act more and more like the Nazis in their bunkers. Ten more months, folks. That's all we have to wait until our collective national nightmare comes to an end.
What can you say about a religion that openly appeals to absolute nutcases with sociopathic, homicidal tendencies, promising to elevate their crimes to the level of "martyrdom" so long as they claim to act in the name of Islam? Absolutely crazy. Kamikazes on steroids. How many Muslims are going to have to die before they desist from this insanity? There is no middle ground here. You're either with these people, or you're against them. Period.
.... Major Malik Nadal Hasan. Yep. No connection to Muslim extremism, is there?
Reports just in that one of the shooters was a US Major with an "Arabic sounding" name. Imagine that.
Adios, MF'ers! Later, Corzine. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Can't wait 'til 2010. Keep talking about those "progressive" values, Dems.
Losers. Pre-printed signs, bumper sticker slogans, total vacuity.
The can is being kicked down the road. Dollars to donuts this girl reaches the age of majority before any decision is ever made to return her to her family. Just a guess; but I'd say we're looking at Novebmer now before any decision whatsoever is made to send her back to Ohio. The Ohio court has indicated that upon her return, she would be placed in a foster home (hopefully, one in which the residents have conceal-carry permits)until the case is sorted out. Psych evaluations alone take months, not weeks, in Ohio. In this case, something tells me the psych evaluations will take months. After that, the Ohio court will get down to deciding whether she should be returned to the parents. By then, she will be a couple months shy of the age of majority, and no court in the universe is going to commit her to her parents' "care" under those circumstances, given all the publicity this case has generated. This case is about throwing chairs in front of Rifqa's pursuers, plain and simple. The more chairs that get thrown, the longer it takes, and the longer it takes, the more likely the case is to become moot by reason of Rifqa reaching her 18th birthday. Were I Rifqa's parents, I'd be more worried right now about what's going to happen to them when they fail to deliver their sacrifice to Islam for the slaughter. After all, it really doesn't really matter who the true believers hack up in retribution for Rifqa's "crime," does it?
The only ones who need fear the President are the ones he's supposed to represent. The One is, however, playing to a much, much larger audience than the American voter. I'm talking about the people to whom he's promised to "spread the wealth around." That means OUR wealth, or what's left of it.
Tatum was my dad's favorite, too. I can't listen to Tatum without getting "misty," because my dad tried so hard to emulate his style, with more than a little success.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2009 on A Smokey Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
I echo the comments of your readers. Sounds to me like somebody's trying to gin up a lawsuit here. Jihadists, just like communists, delight in playing games with gray areas of the law. These guys should be charged criminally and let the ACLU defend them. One thing Britain HAS done is hand out whopping sentences to people involved in even inchoate plots to engage in terrorism. Perhaps if these guys knew they were facing a 40 year sentence for their antics, they wouldn't be so glib.
I removed LGF from my "favorites" list about a month ago -- just to help tank the net ratings.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on Lizard Lounge: Frogger Gate at Atlas Shrugs