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Sir Henry Morgan
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Sir (?), I have been an occasional visitor to your pages for some months now. To have been linked by you to my very first blog post is ... well, I feel complimented. Thank you. Gandalf and I - there are two of us - must be getting linked elsewhere too, because we're not far short of a thousand hits in less than a fortnight from start-up. I know of at least three other links. I am myself educated to postgrad. level in Psychology and Cognitive Science, having entered university at age 36, following a 20+ years military (Public and Private)life, enlisting at age 15 (you could do that in the UK back in the 60s). I feel this order of doing things has given me advantages when it comes to trying to understand things - I don't automatically think in terms of complexity: some problems/solutions really are simple. Problem, solution: do it. I entirely agree with you on the value of graphical representation: as I noted "a picture can be worth a thousand words" - it can also be easily comprehended by people who may not fully understand those thousand words, or, as with so many people, may just have a short attention span. And there was all this data sitting there in RoP that no one was making any good use of ... I hope my work - and it has been a lot of work; harrowing at times too, when you read the data in detail, especially things like the beheading or deliberate burning alive of children - is useful. Quite apart from the physical war we're engaged in, we're also engaged in a propaganda/psychological war. We have to convince people. That is not to say we must be dishonest in what we say, because being caught out in deliberate dishonesty not only undoes the work we do it actually strengthens the enemies propoganda/psychology output. I've been entirely honest in what I've done. And it's hard to argue against numbers. It is our duty to our children to do this, because if we don't they will have to, and it will be more difficult for them because as I've shown, the problem is growing. We all have to hang together on this, or Islam will surely hang us all separately.
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