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Problem is, I don't see anything I'd consider "pro recording" on the blog (a CD review is tangentially related) and NO WHERE does it mention the author's real name, nor his employer's identity. Frankly there's only like 6 posts. Firing someone for blogging on company time is one thing, but if it's OK to visit non-biz sites on a break, why is blogging off limits? Are there any no-personal-blogging on breaks rules in place? And asking someone's boss's boss's opinion on a company-related project I don't see that as a fireable offense, IMO, either. I did a little of my own investigating by emailing a friend in that biz, he said "The guy that owns mercenary is a [bleep]. He treats everybody equally, like a [bleep]. I stopped dealing with them 3 years ago when he tried to play up his audio snobbery when I tried to ask him a few questions about a product that I was going to purchase from them. This (the Drew incident) doesn't surprise me in the least." [Colorful language censored by J.C.]" Customer friendly, indeed. Brian's blog URL is
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Last I checked, Cannondale was building those Carbon Rush frames in Taiwan. It would be wonderful if they brought the production back state-side.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2006 on President Bush gets a Cannondale at Go Clipless
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