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Fairfield, Ohio
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Is that the lamsak who told you to keep your "ni$$er ass" in the cap zone? Someone needs to switch to decaf...
Glad to see you're having a good time...
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2017 on Green Acres at Bring The HEAT
'I rather doubt that, six months ago, a white man who expressed hatred toward black people and the government who went on to murder three (possibly four) black people would have his crime characterized as a "random act of violence". ' Now that's just crazy talk... [/sarc]
QM: that's good to hear. If nothing else in terms of physical destruction of the city. I'd hate to see photos of the aftermath. Timactual had a point, though. I don't think those guys knew how to handle munitions safely.
"most of the munitions for the Ukraine was stored there." That is literally weapons-grade stupid.
It is ...instructive... to find out that Winston Churchill was instrumental in the development of the modern dreadnaught before WW1, but was equally active in cutting funding for the Royal Navy in the first half of the 1920s. If memory serves he was originator of the "10 year rule."
This is too cool.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2017 on Dambusters at Bring The HEAT
She's certainly not in Hickok45's league, but she's not too bad. :) One thing I like about her & her husband is that they're pretty careful about gun safety, especially the booger-hook principle.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2017 on Demolitions at Bring The HEAT
QM, sounds like you would get along with Heather LaCroix quite well... :) Warning: several F-bombs dropped.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2017 on Demolitions at Bring The HEAT
That one kept me on the edge of my seat. :) Quick question on the beginning intro which I see on all of your vids looks like some default addition from WoW. I am wondering just which ship (destroyer I'm guessing) we see at about 7 seconds in. It has three sets of pedestal-mounted torpedo tubes??
Well said and well written Mr. Barie. I still miss Lex. ...One of his funniest (IMO) stories was about the origins of call signs, especially the fellow with the last name of Seaman... QM, how is Tuttle? Haven't seen him around the 'tubez in years.
I am reminded of an old H. Beam Piper saying: "Too stupid to pour sand out of a boot with printed instructions on the heel."
Constant and well-publicized massaging of the data, ignoring the urban heat island effect, constant blaring of "hottest ever" events wherein the difference is well within the level of error, use of a feedback formula from book on electronic circuits, models which show constant & regular predictions well above actual data, inability to explain the natural changes such as the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age along with ignoring actual history of interglacial cooling... Yea, sure, the science it both incontrovertible and settled. And the claim that the "coming ice age" was a small number of articles? Does the cover of TIME Magazine count as insignificant? Were you even around back in the 1970s? Many of us were, and we remember more than "a dozen or so references" ... "in old newspaper clippings." It's nice that you admit that the cooling was established. When will you admit that what's actually occurring is set of cycles of cooling/warming over several decades with a slight upward trend? Is the overall climate temperature average increasing? See previous graf? Is is human-caused? Nowhere anything remotely resembling solid proof except some modeling scenarios. It's the CA in CAGW that gives folks like us reason to pause. I find it instructive that the CAGW crowed went from "global warming" to "climate change." Apparently even the dumbest low-information voter was picking up on the pause, especially with the colder winters (remember that cooling/warming cycle I mentioned?) so they dropped "warming." "Climate change" or the more recent "extreme climate" mantra are quite convenient in that one may claim any unusual event as evidence. Severe winter? Climate change! Hot summer? Climate change! Drought? Climate change! Floods? Climate change! The other big hint is the whole "denier" approach. When you shift from disagreeing with the other side to shutting them up, you've lost the argument.
I was working. Boy, was it dead. The TVs in the bar had the game on. What was it 28-3 at half time? One of my bosses expressed regret that he didn't take one of the cook's bet on New England. I asked him after the game was over if he still had regrets, and he replied "that's why I don't bet on games." Heh. My across the hall neighbors were quite happy. Yuge Patriots fans.
Well-written. Well-reasoned. Dispassionate and to the point. Well done. QM: Look awayyyyyy!!!!! {grin}
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2017 on The Immigration EO. at Bring The HEAT
Laying mines isn't sexy enough to earn the endorsement from any of the major unions in the armed forces.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2017 on Operation Starvation at Bring The HEAT
Ken, half the fun of Duffleblog is that so many angry commenters don't realize the posts are satire... :)
The A-4 had many fine points, but it wasn't all that. If I recall, it only ever had iron sights as part of Ed Heinemann's "keep it simple" philosophy. Not a good choice. I must yet again remind folks that simple & cheap isn't always better. The B-18 Bolo was simple & cheap compared to the B-17 (the former was nearly half the cost of the latter) but it turned out to be militarily useless. Mustangs & Thunderbolts were were cheaper & simpler than F-4s or F-8s, and were very effective for their era, but no one to my knowledge ever suggested re-starting the F-51 or P-47 line. The A-4 is in a similar situation. It was a great plane for the 1950s and 1960s, but we're well into the second decade of the 21st century. It's time to let go. :) To a certain extent, the nostalgia, while pleasant, is a waste of time. The real lesson lies in Brad's rant about how long it took to buy a freaking pistol. If DoD let strategy dictate acquisition, we would have (as someone else observed) a whole fleet of Super Tucanos or Texan IIs a long time ago.
tim, it all goes down to cost again. A P-51 was much cheaper to buy than a P-47, and cheaper to operate. As the good captain pointed out, range was important too. :) IIRC, the P-47N had extended range, but nothing like the Mustang or the Twin Mustang. .. If memory serves, "Mustang" was a British name choice, with the AAF bouncing between "Invader" and "Apache." Mustang won out. As an aside the Brits called their B-29s "Washington" and their F4Fs "Martlet." Silly brits... :)
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2017 on Apache! at Bring The HEAT
What access? From the article I read his stuff was open source. Apparently his biggest "crime" was failure to report his continuing contact with Taiwanese officials.
Built the Monogram 1/48 F-105D back in the day. Big sucker. Some very pretty lines after they introduced the "coke bottle" waist.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2017 on Early Thuds at Bring The HEAT
timactual: fair enough. The hypocrisy does get old. URR: Hmmm. We may have stumbled upon a new meme: "Ronny, why isn't your homework done? Aww, mom! The Russians hacked into my laptop and deleted it!" Pity the idea didn't occur sooner. Anthony Wiener would have found the excuse useful.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2016 on Fake News at Bring The HEAT
John Henry, I seriously doubt Hillary would consider the change a mistake...
I believe Article 5 only applies in case of being attacked. If a member nation starts a war on their own I'm not sure NATO is obliged to respond. If memory serves, Turkey tried to talk up Article 5 after shooting the Russian fighter down. I said the same thing back then.
The way to WW1 was accelerated by the unshakeable belief that a war (between France & Germany, Serbia & Austria, pick any 2) was inevitable. We don't have to start a hot war with China to achieve our goals. In fact we managed to get through something called the "Cold War" for nearly 50 years without a shooting engagement.