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I hadn't seen the ad, nor heard of GoldieBlox, but I like the idea. You're right about the machine, though. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out, but now that you have, it sort of bugs me. It's like that paper that feels like it it's teetering between an A and an A-, but there's just something a little off, and you go back, read again, and realize the only reason the thesis connects is because you know the subject really well, upon which discovery you give the paper a B+.
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there's an interesting auto-correct on my Fb page today. "Vanilli" I think it's supposed to be 'evidently'
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I'm really torn on all of the meaning of this. Because I'm not sure the problem is violent language per se, but rather the use of violent and *threatening* language.
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I feel pretty much the same way. And I do love that I can stay in contact with my family in ways that I just couldn't before. My sisters, cousin, and their respective partners and families do things together all the time, but they are mostly just hanging out sorts of things that don't warrant phone calls or letters. It makes a difference to know that they all got together and watched Iron Man, or that my brother-in-law scored a goal in a soccer match, or that they all got together and spent 10 hours making tamales. And it's nice to have someone send sympathy when I have a cold...
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This is why, if I can't prove it, I don't go there. Not entirely satisfying, though.
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I can see the lawyerly distinction, even though it's repugnant to me. And I'm glad to know I was right about the exception... which I doubtless got from a tv show (or possibly listening to NPR).
I was getting ready to get rid of cable, so I hope they show it online!
Cool! And a friend who teaches at Grad U law school (she was at Grad U for her undergrad) went to Big Name Law School, then did some circuit court clerking, which got her into the most prestigious firm in Grad U city. Why did she work there? Because she saw giving 5-7 years to clerking and working as the fastest way to get experience AND pay off the student loans -- which she did in that time. And we're talking about approx $100k!
RBOComments... yes. I totally understand the need to do this -- including the dehydration/low blood sugar end of the day. OTOH, I like shopping with a couple of my friends because we are good at looking without spending, and my friends always make me stop and eat/drink, so I don't turn into migraine girl! But they are two different activities for different purposes, I think. Have you started looking at good consignment shops? I have a friend who is a thrift store/consignment shop monster, and whenever I go with her, even to the Goodwill, I find fantastic suits and office wear (although frequently for small people), sometimes never worn, sometimes incredibly expensive (when new) suits from bygone eras when women were built a little differently (and expensive designer-y things seem to fit me best). and also ecologically sound!
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