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KJOM, an early version of Hey Joe. Some interesting comments too.
Toggle Commented 41 minutes ago on Happy Independence Day! at JustOneMinute
Any truth to the rumor that this is a picture of clarice when she was six? (I kid!)
Toggle Commented 56 minutes ago on Happy Independence Day! at JustOneMinute
"Can anyone tell me a good reason why DC should not be a state?" asks Benjamin Wittes (as I recall, he was someone's, perhaps Comey's, partner in leaking stuff?) Of course, the answer is that DC is specified as a non-state in the Constitution. But it makes me wonder. Former Gov Walker of WI did such a terrific job of freeing gov't workers from being FORCED to join a pro-Dem union. Why are there no Repub lawmakers willing to write a bill saying: 1) Any gov't employee may join a union 2) Gov't employee unions may work with the gov't on setting work rules, etc. 3) Any gov't employee can donate his own money to any political group 4) Gov't employee unions may NOT contribute to political causes because the money is taken from worker who are directly paid with tax money.
CNN: "on land wrestled away from Native Americans" I'm pretty sure that the correct word is "wrested" not "wrestled". But hey. Who would expect a CNN "journalist" to be able to spell and write grammatically correct sentences?
Tom Fitton explains street-painting lawsuit against DC mayor, says she's 'denying access to a public forum' "TRUMP 2020 in front of every dnc office in America would be fun"
"Didn't realize that the two protesters in Seattle sent flying by the white Jag are female." Commenters at Insty say the driver was a black man: an immigrant from Africa.
Heh. ITEM 17: NTEB reported, "Protesters in Africa Reject Covid-19 Vaccine from Gavi Alliance, Saying they Don't Want to be Bill Gates Guinea Pigs in Racially Motivated Trials." The story said, "The band of demonstrators who gathered Wednesday at the University of the Witwatersrand, where the trial is based, reflect long-running fears among some in Africa over testing drugs on people who don’t understand the risks. 'The people chosen as volunteers for the vaccination, they look as if they’re from poor backgrounds, not qualified enough to understand' protest organizer Phapano Phasha told The Associated Press ahead of the event. 'We believe they are manipulating the vulnerable.'" Rich white men have exploited Africans for centuries. Why should Gates be any different? Tear down his statue. And yes, there is one. (link) Spoiler: it's in China. ITEM 6: Black lives matter to some people. Father of teen killed in CHOP says he got a call from Trump ... but not the mayor. "He didn't have to call me, he didn't have to do nothing" President of all Americans.
From the Portland police tweet stream.
Nice one, 'box! re: Portland riot. Here's hoping the police go with "munitions"
Turns out there is already a #allblacklivesmatter hashtag on Parler. So the thought is out there. Time to post and/or echo if you're on Parler. I'll let you Twitter folk come to your own conclusion
Via the TWIP comment section
MissM 6:51 photo of Mrs DJT Gorgeous dress. Since I haven't seen kk for a couple days, let me deliver his signature line: "Melania is a gift from God."
MissM, the 6:21 YouTube link I wanted is for Seal Team 6
Fans of the Spanish Laughing Guy will want to view this. Some objectionable language. First the SJW girl with speed boosted, then a brief dark screen and the SLG comes on. Hysterical.
On the topic of virtue signaling, I was walking by a restaurant nearby. It had a sign posted, something like "choose love not hate" and a clenched fist. But after I passed by, I suddenly realized... it was a white fist. Significant? Intentional? Undermining the Left while on the surface supporting? I'm probably overthinking this LOL.
"I guess it would be easiest to just assume all of my fave CA wineries are Ds..." Which I don't mind much if they keep it to themselves. Example: I avoid Starbucks. I don't want a teenage barista lecturing me, or the corp website for that matter. I go to Peet's which is a chain out of ... Berkeley. I assume their employee base at HQ is 100% frothing Dem Progs but they don't (so far) virtue signal or send PC emails. The web site has some minor stuff about helping coffee growers of color and femininity. That's it.
MissM, 6:21 that YouTube link didn't work. Do you have a better one, or do you have a link to the tweet? Because sometimes they get truncated
Zuck throws the dog(s of war) a bone. Maybe the advertisers will come back LOL Facebook bans all Laura Loomer ads: Seriously, if you have a Facebook account and you don't mind being suspended for a bit, consider posting a link, or saying that LL is being treated unfairly. Note: she is a candidate for Congress. I believe she won the Repub primary to get there. She is a valid and serious candidate. AFAIK, she has not been convicted of any crime. Obviously she is not in jail. For FB to put their thumb on the scale is an outrage.
henry, 4:44 "no more Lincoln Continentals" Yeah, I can see where combining "Lincoln" with "Continental" would come across as pretty hegemonic...
Thanks, rich (4:43) AND I see that half of the JOM readership made the same point as me ... before I did ... you really do have to read to the end of catch-up before commenting. LOL
porch quotes MR: "I never thought I would say this but vote Trump in November. I am an independent and been voting Democrat mostly the last decade and voted for Hilary plus Obama twice." Wave election! :) :)
I think Ext: "More fear porn. Fauci says coronavirus may be mutating to become more infectious" It may very well be mutating to be more INFECTIOUS but I will bet cash money that it is also mutating to be less frequently FATAL. That is normal for a virus. Kill the host, become less common in the overall biosphere. Become more efficiently infectious, become more common in the overall biosphere. It's Darwinian LOL