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A commenter at TheNewNeo explains Dem goals in the Impeachment effort. "This is aimed at defeating Republican senators in the election, not removing Trump. The audience is reporters who know what to repeat ad nauseam to defeat Collins and others."
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re: Kamala "A Mom made a good point bon the old thread about how Kamala Harris could be tainted in the campaign if she were VP candidate by the fact that ..." Wait. What does Sen Harris bring? Does Joe need her to carry ... California?
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Because Trump People are not interested in backing down. It's just fantasy by the MSM. (Tom Petty)
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"I fail to see how Romney going full RINO traitor hurts Trump" Agree. Might've been different in a different time or place. But not now. Not here.
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"So if Joe wins the nomination, who is his running mate?" I'm leaning towards it being Bernie's turn. That said, Joe might pick Kamala if the Obama faction asks him to. Or, he might choose Amy. Because he's an idiot. Or, possibly, Michelle, Oprah or even Hillary for the "wow" factor. Scratch Hillary. No one's THAT stupid.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Trial Of The Millenium at JustOneMinute Sen. Richard M. Burr is trying to help out his antsy Senate colleagues. The North Carolina Republican is providing an assortment of fidget spinners and other gizmos to his GOP colleagues at this week’s Thursday lunch. Senators have been restless in the hours and hours they’re spending at their desks on the Senate floor during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Dozens at a time have been spotted standing behind their desks, pacing in the chamber and even doing quad and neck stretches. Each week a different Republican senator hosts the lunch, which is always a favorite event. This week it’s Burr’s turn.
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Sen Mike Lee fund raising email: We're going to embarrass them Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s impeachment Witch Hunt against America First has made its way to the Senate and the trial to officially remove President Trump from office is now underway. Democrats have embarrassed themselves with their shameful, partisan behavior and it’s up to us to respond by embarrassing the heck out of them and ending this impeachment SCAM once and for all.
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Hand sanitizer and N95 masks are on my shopping list for tomorrow morning. Just in case. I'm single parent for two weeks while Mrs JimNorCal travels ...
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Cases and rumors of cases of corona virus in SF Bay are popping up. It takes some days for symptoms to manifest themselves. So any and every report is treated like a crack in a dam ...
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Still far behind and reading. I forget who, but ... I applaud the JOMer who asked, when Chief Justice "no Obama judges" Roberts described the US Senate as the greatest deliberative body in the world, if the CJ had somehow slept through the ENTIRE Kavanaugh confirmation. Perfect riposte to these morons patting each other's backs.
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This is a UK YouTuber I listened to throughout the recent BrExit process. This post is 11 minutes. The House of Lords is fighting (what I hope is) a pointless delaying action. Not confirming the breakup with the EU (yet). Lots of good news for the Brit economy, it's starting to sink in how well the U.K. Is doing and how dependent parts of the EU are on exports to the U.K. Boris is in visibly good spirits over how well the Econ issue is looking (great clip of that in this vid). PDJT and the US are making reassuring noises about a trade deal, which is helpful and creates good will.
GJim, you rascal! :) :)
Well, carp. TypePad just ate a long comment on the corona virus in China. Short version: expect lots of news, stuff is happenin'
Yike. Wife and middle daughter planned to leave tomorrow morning and head to China to be with the grandparents for Chinese New Year. Events, news and advice are flowing fast and they're on the edge of canceling the non refundable flight due to worries about corona virus. As usual govt has moved slowly and now the flood gates of info and rumor have opened. If you are Chinese and have elderly parents watched over by nannies/helpers then CNY is when you head back to your home city so that the nannies can in turn go home for the holiday. Lots of tough decisions being made on mere bits of information. Lots of worried people. This is already out of date.
Note: that VA gerrymandering article is from 2 months ago
How a couple of Obama judges gerrymandered VA for permanent Dem control while an ineffectual VA GOP looked on.
Have the idiot GOPe Senate members agreed to pause judicial confirmations during the Impeachment? Someone posted a link a couple days ago but I think the idea wasn't confirmed just floated
From 2017, what it's like to run a business in a Dem controlled city
"Nancy Pelosi. @SpeakerPelosi Leader McConnell’s plan for a dark of night impeachment trial" Says the woman who foisted ObamaCare on us in the dead of night
Saw my first Pete2020 yard sign today. Now Mayor Pete has caught up to candidate Yang. I saw a bumper sticker with his name a few months back ...
Carpe Donktum predicts MSM coverage on the VA gun rights rally tonight. Half a minute