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I'm makin' yours. xoxo
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Robert Gibbs comment was completely insulting to outside the beltway progressives who worked to elect this President. If he's talking about inside the beltway progressive lobbyists he should have said so up front. For him to say single payer is impractical and we want to eliminate the Pentagon is crass and bad form from someone who is supposed to be the messenger for the person who this past MONTH told us to hold him accountable and hold his feet to the fire. I too am disappointed that Elizabeth Warren is being dangled in front of the left like Lucy's football. Either appoint her or don't. PS in honor of Gibbs, we renamed our weekly podcat "The Professional Left." Our latest podcast also covers the Gibbs thing, obviously. I don't think the dichotomy is professional versus amateur, it's professional versus unprofessional. For Gibbs to attack the base and our stand on issues like healthcare as if we're out of touch losers? That's unprofessional, especially a hundred days before the midterms.
I'm knitting sweaters for my children this summer, maybe as Christmas gifts or if I'm really productive, back to school! Love the colors in the DK line. Ravelry name is bluegal
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I LOVED this episode so much, I talked about it at the end of my own podcast (with Driftglass) this week. It's a GREAT idea to bring your listeners in to share. xoxo
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Wow, Liana just blows that outta the water. Thanks for a terrific contest and a whole lot of fun all the time, Susie!
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Sigh. You are so right on and so holding ME up with this post. Thank you. (Small contribution on its way and I linked your podcast at Crooks and Liars -- I hope it brought you some new listeners!) xo
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OMG before I saw the picture I was sure Aretha was the mom! Susie can't have a daughter old enough to do the whole great sex writing thing. But alas! It's awesome to see the mother daughter thing going on. And kudos to you for predicting and deflecting the knee-jerk criticism that comes to a post where folks have a high personal investment in the issue. I was on something-something for a week and when I found it interfered with my sex life I was off it and that was the last time I ever took anything for depression. I come from a family with a history of depression, but for me, regular orgasms and good sleep habits are really good for boosting my mood.
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Lindsay you're such a good writer. Thanks for this.
Saw him last night in Birmingham and posted my review this morning. Excellent show, highly recommmended.
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