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Jon was, and still is, bitter over his mother and me separating. Dear American Vet, While I agree with those above that a good arse-kicking is in order for your son, it won't work for a few years yet. These days, boys are boys until they decide to grow up or they join the military, it seems. (I know "men" of 40 who are proud of not being responsible adults, for example). Your son is seeing everything through the prism of his anger at the separation. He'll blame you because dads are supposed to fix things, and this is something you couldn't fix. While you can hope for reconciliation with your wife, I'd not lay money on it for now. There are more important things to do like sort out your son. Again as suggested above, take him camping. Get him away from everything for a bit and see how he goes. He'll probably be really pissed with you, but since he already is, remember who is the man in the situation. It ain't your son. Defacing the flag is abomination to my mind, and you'd not be out of line to suggest that to him, but play the long game. What you say and do now will reverberate for the rest of your lives. Too many people forget that, and it's a simple thing to overlook. Keep that in mind, and how you want him to think of you, and hopefully you can get something sorted. Good luck, and thanks always for your service, nilk
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...according to a Reuters timeline the truce negotiated in June '08 held until November 5.(emphasis added) Reuters? ROFLMAO! Sorry, Yamashita, but you just shot yourself in the foot with that one. Reuters aren't exactly the most trustworthy source of reportage in the ME. nilk
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Regarding Mr Sparkle's comment about the teacher and the blue-eyes exercise, you're thinking of Jane Elliot. Not going to comment on the teacher in the vid because it sent my blood pressure sky high, and we also get that crap here in Oz. nilk
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I haven't. God bless those defending us. Even after 7 years, words still fail. My housemate has a baby who just turned 1 today, the 12th here in Oz. She went into labour early on the 11th of September last year, and because this is a day weighted with so much tragedy and rage, she held off giving birth until today. It's my birthday on the 14th, and every year now, a few days before, I read the posts, and cry some more. God bless those who protect us. nilk
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Discover the Networks on IVAW. Yes, Virginia, there is a link with Global Exchange. The Map. nilk.
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Heh. Regular reader occasional commenter here. I watched the snippet, and by the end of it all I could think was: Where's the testosterone? What a nancy! My blood pressure didn't go through the roof; all you can do is laugh at these numpties. I agree that the Al Jazeera coverage says it all - playing to an enemy audience, these tossers sully their country. nilk
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No worries, Douglas. That sort of leftardism gets my back right up, and I'm happy to step into the fray if needed. I agree that Mark has more than a few screws loose. Cheers, nilk aka L.Drummond. (and that's MISS lol)
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My comment (using my other name): At the risk of sounding flippant first off, Mark, looking at your education system in the US, one in 5 army members not finishing high school rather shows good judgement. And as an armchair warrior,well, I'll just add that to the list of names I've been called. You don't seem to get it. So many people commenting here just don't get it. Zoriah may be a good photographer. He may be a photographer. That is not the point. The point is, he doesn't seem to have any sense of decency towards the dead. I've seen the islamic war porn. I've visited Ogrish and before that I know where to go if I want to find pictures of bodies. I don't. I want to know what's happening on the ground to our guys without an anti-war agenda being pushed down my gullet. Zoriah can show humanity and decency and put the camera away a few posts back when it's an Iraqi man losing a child, but when it's his own people, he'd rather keep taking photos. He also has a disdain for the rules, as evidenced by his posting of photos taken in Kuwait when he was aware that it was against regulations. That is neither respect nor decency. At the very least it's bloody rude, and at worst, his blog provides photographic evidence of where our side are living and under what conditions for the enemy. Way to go. nilk
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I only have 6 email addresses. Sorry I could only vote 6 times. cheers, good luck and God bless. :)
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I have commented here in the past under another handle, but this is my typekey one. GI, John Howard's loss was more to do, in my opinion, with the media interfering in the electoral process. His rival, and successor, Kevin Rudd was never asked any seriously hard questions, and he avoided the political television shows such as Insiders. He won by playing as John Howard-lite, with the WorkChoices platform for the unions, who pretty much control the Labor PArty. These would be the same unions who blocked supplies for the troops (US and AUS) during the Vietnam war on the docks, and even during WW2. Considering that the unions only have members in about 15% of the workforce, and small businesses expanded willingly with the new laws it will be interesting to see how long he can hold the unions off for. While there are indeed dark days ahead for us aussie conservatives, there are some in the Liberal Party (Alexander Downer, Tony Abbott, and new kid on the block Malcolm Turnbull) who appear to have their heads screwed on. With respect to Iraq and Afghanistan, Rudd talks a lot, but he won't make any over moves for at least 6 months, I believe. He'll be too busy keeping his back away from the knives of the unions and his deputy, Julia Gillard, who has spent many years with the socialists, and is yet to disavow any allegiance to that ideology. I didn't cry when John Howard conceded, but I came close. I hope the tags work so you can see what we losing here in Australia. God Bless John Howard, and I hope our friends in the USofA don't think too harshly of us if the Lefties make some seriously stupid decisions. His speech. Basically, people just thought he'd been in the job too long, so we'll have to see if Rudd can keep the ball rolling. I doubt it. Oh, and I hope your Thanksgivings weekend was wonderful. cheers, nilk.
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