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first off--EW-- let me add my thanks to radiofreewill's. I have been reading you attentively since the Plame affair began & have valued your work more than a bunch of compliments can express. At times, your take on things has stoked my anger, at times calmed it. In both cases, you have helped me to see more clearly... and less emotionally. You really are a national treasure. The wheels of justice grind very slowly (and not necessarily inexorably) and the wheels of Congress even more slowly than that. Larry Flynt's wheels turn a little faster, but what the hell, they're well greased. It does sound like a tipping point may have been reached at last. OTOH, so many of these slimey little bastards have escaped justice & exposure (almost equally important) that one hesitates. Still, my guess would be, the Seligman affair. I bet that's the pimple about to burst-- and it's a good one, easy to understand, and with a high office at stake.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2007 on My Guesses on Why Rove Resigned at The Next Hurrah