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Thanks, Sam. Totally agree. My first reaction was a chuckle. The woman a few rows in front of me said she was going to write a letter. That's still the way to get things done I suppose. She didn't say if her letter would be sent by mail, email, posted on Facebook or tweeted.
Julie, check out some of Hasbro's newer Mr. Potato Heads. I think they're missing out by not making a Mr. Pickle Head version from Toy Story 3. But that's just me.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2011 on Don’t toy with us at RepMan
Thanks for the comment. Gotta love the SNL flashback. I have to say, while we didn't see any Johnny Switchblades at the show, there were a fair amount of action-packed (read, violent) video games on display. So are there safer toys today? I guess that depends on your definition.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2011 on Don’t toy with us at RepMan
Oddly, I think my opinion falls somewhere between you both. In high-end hotels the focus tends to be much more on the extra amenities you get for staying in a great hotel, not forcing you to pay more for the same thing you could get at a Budget Inn. Yes, the breakfast costs more, but it actually is better food. The water costs more, but it's not your generic bottled water. It's the hidden costs that are not communicated up front that are the problem. And unfortunately those hidden costs are becoming all too common no matter how expensive the hotel.
I have to agree that this was a rare and surprising move. But it does make me wonder if Bill Ford was more willing to step down because this is a family business and he has an emotional connection that non-family CEOs don't necessarily have. It can't be easy to watch a company built up for generations by your forefathers fall apart under your own watch. And it takes a lot to step down when you're in the seat of power. I can't imagine too many non-family CEOs doing that!