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Number one, those are stilts, not boots. Number two, I don't think she's taking her sons anywhere. I think she paid them to accompany her as balast and to right her when she tilts too much to one side. Just my take on it.
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...ready to kick the ball out of the possession of any girl who happened to dribble it past her, color of her jersey be damned. "She's remarkably, um, focused," her coach once remarked to me. This was a wonderful piece; I love your writing. Always do, though. Also I'm glad our girls are years and time zones apart because if ever they got on the same playing field, I get the feeling Kathryn would eat her up and spit her out like so much chaw.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2007 on Long. Live. First. Grade. at Looky, Daddy!
I'm so glad this gem is now part of your FAQ dealie-O, LD. It's one of my favorites. Eyelashes as long as your forearm, etc. I love the vignette, and also enjoy the other comparables that are popping up in the comments stream. Though of course, I'd want to add, to the one right up above there, by Ellie's Mommie: "Not that that's a bad thing!"
My man, I get the distinct impression that your head will not swell with all this much-deserved Media Attention. And if it does, I also get the distinct impression that some daily trial or tribulation will put it all into perspective for you. And then that trial or tribulation will rapidly be made grist for the Bring the Funny mill. Also, I think after Tony Soprano, Jersey is plenty Hot. So I says, in response to DebiD, your Hot Dad thing is still possible, even if the cat is now out of the bag. Though I'm sure I have to recuse myself as a proper judge of Jersey Dad Hotness, being both a lifelong California resident and a lifelong lesbian. (Unless both these things make me an "objective" judge??)
First off, I am with "How About Two" on the applicability of the word "pinche" here. Second off, JESUS CHRIST MAN what living h-e-double toothpicks for all involved. Third off, per usual, so beautifully rendered, with equal parts poingnancy and fantastic humor. I will be first in line at the book signing following your reading, when you are on book tour out in these parts. I see NY Times best-seller written all over these pages, dude. Fourth off, I am leaving work right now to go and shrink-wrap a five-inch thick layer of high density foam around both daughter and son. With cut-outs around their face for breathing, eating, and seeing, and a coupla on the side for hearing. Oh, and a biggie down below for you-know-what.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2007 on "Pliers" in Japanese at Looky, Daddy!
See now, I *thought* you didn't know about that! I poked around a bit in your previous weeks' posts, in case I missed it. But nope. Which of course makes your honor all the more genuine. You already had four votes when I first saw, and added mine. Congrats for the nomination!
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2007 on Wow! at the OTHER mother
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That is SO Cindy Sherman! Now all's she has to do is start getting herself up in various costumes and such. A heartbeat away, I'm sure. Thank you (as always) for sharing.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2007 on Little Bitty Cindy Sherman at the OTHER mother
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Happy birthday, the original OM! Our standard bearer! The prow of the lesbian mum blogular ship! Many happy returns on the day. And may I, too, one day forget my pre-parental existence, too. A sweet amnesia.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2007 on Blog Turns 3 at the OTHER mother
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You know not to get me started on squirrels. But I do feel for you. I will never forget running over a ground-hoggish critter who positively dove under the car wheels in northeastern CA when I was 18. Either Kathryn will become a radical vegan type, or a taxidermist. Best of luck with either outcome.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2007 on Nuts at Looky, Daddy!
Just a note Just a note here to say I'm a-brewin' A limerick that's worthy of screwin' The other ones out Of the limelight -- "You lout!" You say -- Yeah, but I sure ain't boo-hoo-in'. Lord that was weird. But I have to toss a gauntlet down while I scramble around and try to make up for lost limerick-scribblin' time. Now, to the rhyming dictionary!
Perfect union of image and text! O how poignant, the silent cry for help, from blue-skirt twin, in image #3. Like, "A little help!" Her look in the last image seems for sure to be an appeal to the ref.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2006 on Letter to Santa at Looky, Daddy!