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This 'minds meh of when Our Beloved Phaelia left Azeroth forever. We can only hope that a wonderful and auspicious event such as Phaelia's is taking you away from us and from Known Blogspace. Blizzard even made a commemorative piece of armor for Phaelia's Sprouting Seed, with uberleet stats. In a way, the memetic armor and meme-weapons you gave us all will help us win our battles here, at least until the Next Upgrade Patch. Thanks for the stats! Good journey, hilzoy.
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Hilzoy, Sully's reader is quite wrong. Musavi and the other candidates protests are based on a violation of Islamic law in an Islamic republic. The Iranians live under a rule of law in a republic, just like us. It is just islamic law and an Islamic republic. And it is definitely a reform movement. tant pis for the neocons, the Islamic republic of Iran will survive. Sayeed Ali al Sistani is the titular leader of Shi'ia Islam. But when the holiest site of the Shi'ia was controlled by Iraq, an enemy of Iran, Iranians established the holy city of Qom where shi'ia muslims could fulfill their obligation to hajj. So Qom does not actually owe subservience to Karbala, or take direction from Sayeed Sistani....they are more parallel, and authority flows from both holy cities independently. The Assembly of Experts has the constitutional power to remove the Supreme Leader. What would happen if the Leader became corrupt, insane, or too ill to perform his service to the people? It is being said that Khameni is ill and old and wishes to ensure his son Mojtaba will succeed him, and that Mojtaba made a shaitan bargain with Nejad. There has been noise calling Khameni "the Ali of the Age", implying he could hand down his position to his son like Imam Ali handed his to his son. Both genetics and scholarship figure prominantly in succession in Shi'ia islam. Remember the 1979 revolution took about a year. Every action the regime takes against its people de-legitimizes it more in the eyes of Qom, the true source of authority. It is the greatest sin for a muslim to kill another muslim. This is actually much more a culture war between two versions of al-Islam. Nejad's fundies are rural, poor, older, ostentatiously pious, less educated, socially conservative and....outnumbered. Much like conservatives in this country they are frightened and angered by the loss of power that demographics is dealing them. 70% of Iranians are under 30. I would expect a large protest at 40 days out from Neda Soltani's martyrdom. If Rafsanjani has consolidated his coalition in Qom, he will make his move then. The brutal crackdown today I think is a mistake, but it is truly the only option left to Khameni and Mojtaba to secure the succession. If they cannot brutalize the population into submission before the 40 day event they will fail. I do not think the regime can achieve a sufficient quantity of brutality to destroy the dissident movement, and they can only force it underground for a time. It may take a year, like it did with the Shah, but the Shi'ia will never accept a dictator. The Shi'ia are very good at non-violent protest and resistance. That is how they survived the Umayydd Caliphate, and how they overthrew the tyrant Shah. I would place my bet on the Sea of Green.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on The Idea Of An Islamic Republic at Obsidian Wings
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