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Regarding the discussion on the pollsters, I attended an Adam Smith Institute discussion on polling last week which pointed to similar figures (I can't remember the exact number) to the 4% figure quoted as a voting issue at general elections. The key issue here is not the fact that we will have a referendum; personally I can't see it happening, but is more about painting a picture to the wider population of the prime minister you cannot trust. The guy who doesn't stick to his promises, is deceiving over the content and implications of the treaty, and is essentially fooling the country. I believe that Cameron has been spot on politically with way he has approached this. And week by week, this can work. My only concern is that there are also many more topics we can hammer this government on Poverty, Welfare Reform, Social Mobility, Tax, Crime, Education, etc.... which can also connect more to peoples' everyday lives. All of which the government has failed, and where we can/are driving the agenda.
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Apologies for the late response...busy day in the office... I was there last night...A bit of a subdude affair in the end. Boris made some good comments and was, in the whole, the candidate for the party. I felt on some of the less well defined questions, such as community involvement, he could have been a bit more prepared; I got the general impression on a couple of questions he was winigin' it at bit. But a good show all round, and a few laughs! I'm a big Boris supporter and want him to do well, but I think he needs a lot more training on the in-depth challenging and probing questions that will undoubtedly be thrown at him. One of the things I did notice was the amount of press at the launch. Every time Boris spoke, the hacks were there opening their notepads with their pencils at hand, waiting for the killer headline. It was quite amusing. As for the other candidates, Andrew Boff was confident, and gave a good overall performance. I was actually quite impressed; he spoke as a normal Londoner. Lightfoot and Borwick, i'm not quite sure about. I don't particularly like politicians who refer to people as "those/these youths",etc.., may be it's a K&C way of speaking, but as Mayor, you need to appeal to supporters in Cricklewood, Dagenham, Ilford, New Cross, etc... I got the general impression that they hadn't ventured far outside the king's road or kensington high street. But otherwise pretty good, and enjoyed it. I'll be probably attending another hustings...
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I think in Germany there are no strike agreements drawn up for employees who work on the railways. Also, if memory surves me correctly, wasn't there some cash offering made to GCHQ employees in the 80's for a no strike deal? It's something that needs to be investigated, but as someone who works in London and the effects of which the strike had on commutes, it seems the power is with the RMT at the moment. How can management and the Mayor have allowed this situation to develop? We don't have this yearly walkout on London Buses...
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I think that actually Dave may be on to something here. There is a growing need that young children need to identify with their local communities, institutions and the nation. Nation building and identity is no bad thing. Compulsory national service, both military and more community/civilian based, is still part of being a citizen in some European countries. I'm not saying that it's going to fix all of the problems with disaffected youths hanging around the street corners causing anti-social behavior, but it is a step in the right direction. I would like to see it compulsory though... I think you can see a common theme emerging of the type of social policies and direction a cameron government would pursue.
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