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Go one better Peter... Start your show backup again, even if it's unscheduled. Post your radio shows when you make them on your blog site. You maybe interested in this ; The poster isn't the same Wolf of our past. The poster is saying the Jews are Gog & Magog. So Israel has already been invaded by Gog and Magog. It's not going to be a Russia & Chinese attack on Israel as the Pentecostal come Judeo-Christians, espouse.
America is under attack from those that hate White-Christians.
Great news. Now lets hope the Section13 dies int he supreme court. (video from cnn on Jews selling kidneys)
Islam is just as bad as Talmudism. They are followers of Satan, even if indirectly. Allah is the god of the moon, the bull. Muslims need to be strict and declare the god they worship the same God of creations and of Jesus, so that they can claim their true heritage.
Here we go again, the Kabbalistic six million number again. Don't these reporters know the numbers have been revised so called officially! They are merely repeating the magic in the Jewish Talmudic religion. If Auschwitz went from 4 Million to 1 Million, then 6 million figure certainly isn't valid. Then consider camps like Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec, were not death camps as said in propaganda. The fact is Jews or properly named, Ashkenazis were encamped and tattooed, but there's little proof or to none, of systematic exterminations. There is a mass of truth in disease killing most. Was it moral to encamp Ashkenazis? Well that's a major debate when seeing all the issues.
Off subject, people may find this interesting ;
It's common knowledge for those that have done any research on Wiesenthal that he was a compulsive liar and doctor of photos. Anyone that appraises him is clearly a promoter of Zionism/Talmudism supremacy.
Lets not forget Peter saying this guy was not to be trusted due to his swearing and other building of persona's that are not respected by the general community. The truth Racial Protection Movement, is respectible and honourable. We don't dress in robes, do mystic religious ceremonies, and want the deaths of others.
Check this out "Kill The White Man" "In this Documentary Dr. Kalid Muhammad gives his reasons for his hardcore seperatist views as he debates New World Order Zionist Shill Anthony J. Hilder. Born Harold Moore, Jr. on January 12, 1948 in Houston, Texas, the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad is best remembered as the founder of the New Black Panther Party. Muhammad was the second of six children born to his father, Harold Moore, Sr., and his mother, Lottie B. Moore. As a youth, he was raised in Houston by his Aunt Carrie Moore Vann. After graduating from high school, Muhammad won a scholarship to Dillard University in Louisiana, where he pursued a degree in theological studies. By 1975, the 27-year-old radical was the instrumental part in revolutionary movements brought an end to South African apartheid. Eventually Muhammad's was interested in real results and eventually found out like Malcom X that the Nation Of Islam is a another Govenment controled Mindcontrol cult Group, but knew that the people were cult members and like a good teacher knows what his students are ready for so did not talk about the truth of the NOI. and like Malcom X was Killed by intelligence assassins by a chemical weapon that causes brain a aneurysm and died on February 17, 2001, at the age of 53, in Atlanta." I haven't downloaded it yet but it looks interesting. Is this Muslim calling for the death of Whites or saying they are being killed.
The KKK is just Albert Pikes' club to take Christian concerns over racial protection, to a level of mysticism and perversions of honour. The group destroys the rightful message. Great direction for the gun carriers. More people should be expressing the right.
The orthodox jews are also out breeding secular jews by 8 to 1. murders surrounding Obama's birth certificate issue.
Peter what's your opinion on Obama being a Natural Born Citizen? The players being suit are Jews, but Jews also put Obama in the seat. Obama is also a Catholic-Muslim a sign of the Jewish angle of the corrupt Catholic establishment. The birth certificate and division on Obama's policies is a major topic. << story on Canadian ADL caught with Child Porn.
Did you see how the head of Canadian ADL is up on child porn charges. He was caught with child porn on his computer. Over 100 movies of children being abused. Obviously all goyim babies and what not.
Maybe with the swine-bird-human designer flu going rampant, with the added killer vaccines, there will be civil disorder and then they will have the catalyst to ban the guns! Best to use the guns early on the evil ones.
The gun laws are on hold. You can see that with that Mexican women before a panel to join the Supreme Court, that the gun ban is on hold. They are now concentrating on demoralising America with Anti-Freespeach laws and pushing Pervert concepts, and killing people off with poisoning and virus releases.
The Catholics are controlled by the Dark Enlightened Ones.
Everyone likes to be nice and diplomatic to other races to give the benefit of the doubt, but multiculturalism results in a society that is at arms and safety of walking on the streets is not available. Alex Jones' wife shuts down content sharing on patriot website. Violet is Kelly Jones. Also Peter your website is extremely slow on some browsers as you have too much flash youtube items. Maybe cut the number of articles per page. Jewry attacks Australian website espousing truth.
Ok I'm late tot he info. Now I have to kick into gear and promote his defence and freedoms.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on Jew News 'Weekend Roundup' at WAR OF PERCEPTION
Peter and everyone else, you have to get this and watch it ;
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on Jew News 'Weekend Roundup' at WAR OF PERCEPTION