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Shantal, Frank, eyenga, Biya Junior and all of Biya's family should be given life imunity as well. Beware biya if you don't fix things here and now, life will be very uncomfortable for those mentioned above!! If we can't get you, your family will take the heat after you're gone. Biya, you still have a chance to make amends!! As for the likes of Paul Nji Atanga, Ngolle Ngolle, etc prepare your places of exile because Cameroon will be too small to accommodate you with you patron gone. Achidi Achu is can be disregards because he will join the ancestors soon. Fellow Cameroonians the revolution is comming soon.
I have never seen this kind of arrogance anywhere the world over!! Shame to Dr. Biya! On his death bed,Professor Biya wants to carry Cameroonians along. We are very wise and cannot be deceived anymore. One advise to you!! Pack your belongings and flee to Equatorial Guinea (France will do the same to you like Bokassa). The hands of the clock is ticking and the life of your evil regime is about to conclude. Those in the regime with some sense, join the bandwagon!! Denounce constitutional changes designed to perpetuate Biya Bi mvodo in power. Join the people in this just fight! With God on our side, Biya will be history soon.
The appointment of Atanga Nji is the turning point of Biya´s recklessness.