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Deborah Taggart
Interests: GENERAL: God, animals, church and culture, doughnuts, fun, sunshine, kids, metaphors, colours, creativity, music, pillow fights, silliness, noses, cutting my own hair BOOKS: The Bible, Chronicles of Narnia, Flame of Love, The Body They May Kill, Working the Angles, the street bible, Compassionate Ministry, Readers Digest, Rilla of Ingleside, Emily (the L. M. Montgomery series) MUSIC: Superchic[k], Smalltown Poets, Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, TobyMac, Rick Altizer, Sarah Brendel, The Lads, The Choir, City on a Hill, Rita Springer, Relient K, Newsboys, Plumb MOVIES: Star Wars, Chocolat, Aladdin, Les Miserables, Shrek, Hating Alison Ashley, Conspiracy Theory, Luther
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hmm...I can't really think of anything to add right now, but I just have to say I love and endorse the comments so far! Especially Craig's idea of a carpooling student deans Jacqui and I are excited to see more opportunities for students to build community and friendships during travel time as well as on campus. Plus we're being 'ecotheological'!! It just goes to show that in the midst of the complexities of increasing our environmental friendliness, with a bit of creativity we can come up with many solutions that have multiple benefits and are simple to implement. Good stuff!!
good stuff again :) Would it be pushing things too far to focus on the idea that God gives us gifts/power for a purpose? Then we can maybe link traditional Pentecostal hallmarks with a gift of stewardship/authority over creation.... eg. Spirit baptism/tongues/power -> boldness in witness Spiritual gifts -> building the body into oneness imago dei/'dominion' -> co-carers (with God) for creation ...but the caring in practice was somewhat stifled with humanity's sin and consequent exile from Eden, but stirred up again with the outpouring of the Spirit, with and in whom we once again are able to empathise and identify with all creation's groaning for restoration (Ro 8:22-23).
I like the hint of hope here: just as social concern has edged its way up on the Pentecostal agenda, concern for the environment may be able to follow the same path :) But we need people like you (and whoever picked the topic for Hansei) to give it that momentum-starting nudge...
Great thoughts on academic freedom :) I like Ben's point on writing "Southern Cross College' in full, plus I have another thought on the name....does 'SCC faculty' make it sound too private and exclusive? If a non-faculty member came across this blog, would they feel out of place and uninvited to comment? Maybe if we have a more generic title (Southern Cross Bloggege or something?), and then in a description or subtitle we can mention that discussions on this blog are started/guided by some thoughts of various faculty members?
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2006 on Rules of Engagement at Pentecostal Discussions
Oooh, I'm excited we have a blog and can't wait to get discussions and traffic flowing. But maybe the time it takes to build momentum will give me a chance to improve the design of this site before it becomes too public ;)
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2006 on Welcome at Pentecostal Discussions