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Allana Huffman
Leon Library
Fire Safety story time
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OMG those books sound delicious! You had me at orange/apricot marmalade.....LOL seriously, I'm sorry I missed this one, it does sound like a great feed, I mean READ, really. I'm trying to finish check that 3 novels just now, and I will get to the potato peel society next. My cousin lived in Guernsey for a few years, my sister lived in Jersey, so I am at least familiar with the location...somewhat! HUZZAH!
Don't wanna be a humbug about the whisper pipe-but wont it get knda germy around there-all those mouths sharing the same area?
Hey Jeanette, I was at the class yesterday, have not posted my ahas yet, but just wanted to comment on the 30-30-30 rule. He said for the NEXT 30 DAYS, EVERY 30 mins for 30 seconds, walk through and get a sense of who is in the room. It's a training tool to help you develop that intuition of knowing when something might be a little off.
Had to giggle-sorry, but it's as though you feel (probably hear too) the stress levels creeping up the stairway when the THINGS are not dong what we want the THINGS to do, and the THINGS start to rule our existence until we are consumed by the THING we're supposed to accomplish that week! Oh well I enjoy new technolgy as much as the next person but gosh-how many times in a short span can one feel so inadequate? Nicely put though, I did appreciate your last post!