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Khaddafi is a dictator and we don't any more dictorships in the modern era. Birds of the same features flock together and only a dictator will be honoured by the opportunists in the name of SCNC. SCNC advocates for the division of the unified country in bits and Khaddafi advocates for a United Africa. What a contreversy, maybe the dictator wnats to bribe the mean and hungry SCNC beggers to give up their aspirations. If not what has a Unifyer to do with the partitionsists.
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I don t undertsnad how the learned Dr. Ebot will even have to do with the mad beast in the name of the governor of the SW Eyeya until the point of accepting hs apology. Such q treatment derserve a law suit against the so-called governor and not only allow the human right Tambe Tiku to make declarations.
s.akamembulle, I am with the opinion that you can hate your government but you can still love your country. The Thai people hated their government and because of the love for their country lead a successful fight. Cameroon has never had a representative regime since independence and it is the time the Cameroonian has to stop the CRTV with its praise singers in support of the evil regime that exploit the people. The fight of the drivers forced the government to reduced fuel price by 10 frs CFA to 584 Frs a litre even though oil has reached record low price of 47 dollars a barrels. The govervnment policy is to deprive Cameroonians of the choice of enjoying staying in their homeland. Many rich guys have returned and have been forced back to the disapora by the situation created by this eveil government.
CountryFowl and s.akamembulle, I am sure you people are not enslaved in the wastern socerty to sound so bitter about your country because of a fellow a bunch of individuals of this regime. Even the western world has it problems and you cannot replace your home. There qre yet the evils you people cited but there also the positive part of it and that is why it is a policy of this gov,t to deprive you from these pleqsures
Rosa Parks sat so that Dr. Luther could match in order for Obama to run and he ran right to the White House. My congratulations to the US president elect-Barack Obama. He is one of the greatest talents we have seen in recent times. With his endurance, he could made history anywhere in the world. Mandela reversed the white myth in South Africa so that Obama could uncover the Black power in the US. Any greatest leader in history has always emerged from a situation. The time was ripe for Obama; his eloquence and intellectual power, a very unpopular GOP incumbent in office, an unadaptable opponent who runs only on biography and not on policy coupled with a controversial choice of the Vice Presidential candidate (Sarah palin). All these coupled with the timely financial meltdown and economic turmoil simply played into Obama’s hands and catapult him as the candidate of choice and eclipsed any other factors as race, experience etc. I highly disagree with Obama on the statement that one needs not to be rich to run for the highest office in the USA. Maybe I am wrong but I want to admit that the the keys of the white House are out for sale. The highest bidder gets the office. Obama was definitely the highest bidder out spending McCain by more that $ 450 Million to $150 Million. At the moment of the declaration of the winner, the keys of the whites house has costed a total of $1.2. Billion going back to the primary bidders who started the race from January 2007 up till the final bidder on the night of November 4th 2008. Once more my congratulations for the good bit that makes the world optimistic and proud Francis Nche
Mr. Fokam, The Pope on the 12th of September 2006 in the University of Regensburg where he had served as a Professor had this to say “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached” While he claimed that he was inspired by a 14th century medieval emperor, as a professor, he was better placed to know that you only quote to defend your school of thoughts. Your spiritual leader is the champion of critical views against other religions. So better petition your ‘God’s chosen one” to refrain from disrespecting other faiths. I am in no way defending Islam but only to bring out the truth. Maybe it might not be what some individuals may want to public to know since the vatican achives is filled with classified files.
Country Fowl, You must be day dreaming. The president of the theocratic regime in Vatican country called the POPE is even the most cynical politician and dictator in the world. His interest first and whatever thing come in any order. I refer you to the book “IN GOD’s NAME” and maybe you may get an insight on the functioning of papacy. Both Jesus and Peter whom he claim to represent were normads. Today, the catholic church is the only world religion with a geographical territory, a powerful government, a transnational authority, the richest bank in the world “the Vatican bank’, the greatest intelligent machinery, a powerful diplomatic service, Suiss Guards as a military defence force etc. The church in Crusade fought the most brutal wars in history and commit the greatest genocides and how do you expect them over night to make a U-turn.
In February this year, Drivers protested for exorbitant price increase of fuel and police harassment. Lecturers and other civil servants profited a 15 % salary and housing allowance increase. Now it is important for the lecturers to protest for salary increase so that the fuel price can be reduced instead. Reduction in fuel prices will profit everybody. In spite the record fall in oil prices in international market, now selling at less than $ 64 a barrel from a record of $150 in July, a litre of petrol still cost more than 600 frs CFA in Cameroon.. The Cameroon government knows price regulation only to increase prices that hurts the man in the street. Paul Biya knows very well that both academic and financial empowerment combined can be explosive to his wish of clinging to power at all cost. This is why when he sensed his position in 1992 threatened, he quickly moved in 1993 to reduced Lecturers salaries to catechist level making them hungry. Of course, a hungry man cannot fight but only beg and this has been the case in Cameroon for the last decade. Complacency made Paul biya to forget and increase the salaries of these lecturers in in february Strike. Now, they are not more hungry per say and they will fight the more. As Oliver twist, they will demand some more. Mr. Opio, the Lecturers should protest instead against political interference in the Universities because this is the source of all their problems. Lecturers should elect their leaders from deans to the Vice Chancellors as stipulated in the text rather than allow them to be appointed by the regime. In this way they will always serve the CPDM and maintain the regime in life support while standing in the way of academic and research progress in the Universities.
This hole idea about arrest is a simulation. Last week the post reported that the forces of law and order were narrowing in to catched the alleged pirates. Now they have zoomed in into them. Since when has there ever been a timetable in catching thieves? Cameroon government's activity is like acting a drama. If cameroon was a coorporation, it mismanagement would have long resulted filing in for bankrupcy and liquidation of the system.
I don't know how such a child predator such as Dr. ngoh who is notorious of exchanging marks for sex is championing such an initiative. from his time in Saker baptist college through University of Yaounde till now in UB, the story of Ngoh having sex with a student behind the classroon or in his office is no more news because this happens everyday, and it is till going on now. Sad for cameroon eductaion system that because of political interference fails to discipline such sex criminals
All these rangling about Forjindam is to call for sympathy for a financial criminal. Embezzlement of public funds be it billions or 'only' a 5 frs is punishable with imprisonment in Cameroon. The bitter truth is that he misappropriated public funds especially during the 2007 shameful incidence of election in Santa. At the same time as he pioneered Paul Biya’s life presidency. His name in his master’s speech was in 2006. From then till his arrest in 2008 was a very long time enough to embezzle the running budget of the shipyard. I don’t think either Mr. Peterkins Manyong and Cletus Matoya are able to tell the name of the cook and the body guards who were enlisted to eliminate Forjindam and especially when such an incidence was planned. The truth is that Forjindam is just reaping the fruits of what he cultivated.
Mr. Kenneth Ngu Foncha, your analysis is a master piecs. I am sure God frawned on Cameroon the day Paul Biya was born. This is an indiviual who has killed the aspirations of millions in generations. Only a devil will be carrying money in a suit case in modern era where a simple plastic credit or debit card is sufficent to travel with the whole bank in a pocket. The God news is that his days are already numbered on earth. May God bless cameroon
Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.
Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.
Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.
Once again I am amazed how this southern Cameroon issue has been greedily and selfishly used since 1961 to achieve personal aims rather than the people’s aspirations. In the events leading up to the 1961 Plebiscite, the British and the UNO played an arbitration rule for British Cameroon independence on the proposals from the West Cameroonian leaders and the civil society. Mbile’s proposal of gaining independence as an entity was quickly rejected both by E. M. L. Endeley and J. N. Foncha and his cohorts such as S. T. Muna. Endeley being the renown member in the Nigeria eastern house of Assembly and especially married to a his Yuruba Nigerian wife and having Nigerian Children including the late Herbert Endeley was bent to dissolve Southern Cameroon into Nigeria. Foncha being originally from Babajoun in the West province of the French Speaking Independent Cameroon by then and hence cut off from his family was bent to dump the English speaking Cameroon to the eastern neighbours so as to be able to re-unit his family. Muna saw a political opportunity to exploit in the French Cameroon. With the out come of the 1962 plebiscite, followed by the Foumban conference, the 1972 referendum till the 1994 Biya rebaptism of the Cameroon Nation, these individuals were still in the top jobs in Cameroon from Ahidjo to Biya regimes and have never complained. When they were out of government, they started talking of SCNC and going to the UN. They should have returned to the UNO with their greivenaces when they were still active in the government. They knew very well that the terms of the plebiscite were not like in Southern Sudan with an option for self rule in any time in future. This simply shows the greed and selfishness of these individuals. Any body talking of this SCNC is doing that for his personal gains, not for the public interests of the individuals affected in these territories. The real problem of Anglophones in Cameroon are Anglophones in leadership position not Francophones. Today this attitude persists and this is even why the SCNC is like a multi-head snake today. Mr. Muna and Foncha when they were out of government started talking of Anglophone marginalization. Muna was the speaker of national Assembly for more than 15 years and had a track record of blocking all the bills aimed at development especially for his constituency (Mbengwi). The only Bill that he helped passed for Mbengwe under his rule was to construct a prison. Mbengwi is today the only divisional headquarter in the NW Province not linked with a tarred road. Maybe the only small good section of road on the way is the half kilometer stretch to his Home. Was it the Francophone that Stifled process of disenclavement of Mbngwi? Both Foncha and Muna accumulated vast land areas in Bamenda town. Now these areas between Mullang and Tassin is not anything comparable to the central park of Manhattan but a den of thieves that simply serves as a curfew between the two parts of the town. Even children are scared to fetch Firewood or pick up rotting guavas, avogados and mangoes in these vast wild areas because guards maintained by Mrs Foncha make sure nobody benefits from anything there, even school childern. Was it the francophones to develop these vast land or even redistribute them for the benefit of the lay man? I am afraid my brothers and sisters, we have more problems with the NW-SW divides, the evil regime in power in Yaounde, tribalism etc adversely affecting our developemnt to take care of rather than allowing greedy fellows to frustrate our hopes and aspirations. May God Bless Cameroon
Rexon I am afraid you are completely out of touch with the reality in Cameroon. Unfortunately your obsession with the SCNC makes you not to realise even the basic principles of Cameroonian political culture. Every single individual in the long list of names you've cited are retired senior citizens. They are all above the official retirement age in Cameroon (60). They spent all their active life working for the Cameroon civil service and private sector. These individuals are now collecting retirement benifits and social insurance funds in the system you label as colonial. Have you given a thaught over why in the so-called SCNC meeting were only old People? Why did they not fight when they were still in active service? Does SCNC not have youths like you? These old individuals had two objectives in mind. Firstly was to create a story for their children and grand children to benifit from and use as reasons in foriegn immigration services and Secondly to seek Paul Biya's attention since they know very well that he appoints only from a pole of old retired civil servants and these guys are doing nothing but seeking his attention hoping for eventual appointments hence exploiting the cameroonian political culture. I think you should be more realistic
The Post should bring out the truth and shame the devil about this so-called SCNC that props up only in internet. The last time that SCNC was heard in the main streets in Cameroon was in 1993 when the selfish and greedy Ekontang Elad, Carlson Anyangwe and Simon Munzu brought the idea and convined a conferencein Mount mary Clinic with a hidden agenda to use it as a stepping stone to ensure their future and that of their progenitures. Elad used it to get money, constructed his story building opposite Soppo market in the double pole and is now enjoying himself in COIC with ensured revenue from Ist trust bank. Munzu and Anyangwe used it to gain their lucrative jobs in foreign Universities after Biya reduced their salaries in 1993 to catechist pay checks. Today this story about SCNC that no Cameroonian younger than 15 years of age has ever heard is sponsored by the guys seeking Asylum in the west. Abkazia, South osetia, Kosovo, South Sudan you name the rest are using the language the world understands to gain their independence. These obsessed SCNC diasporans are living in illusions. Long Live Cameroon
Biya with his salary increase for civil servants and men in uniform is just trying to divide Cameroonians so that they will not stand as one one in the evntual change of the constritution by his hand clapping deputies. The basic problems of the strike which is the high fuel prices has not been tackled. It is the fuel prices that determines everything in the society by the forces of demand and supply and not by a presidential decree. You people should sit back and question why this measures has taken so much publicity from the government and the one on the 19th of April prior to strike which introduced an imidiate 1 million francs paid to deputies as tips during each session, increase of microfinance money from 8-10 million with the immidiate effect on each session and a brand new car offer instead of car credits as before?
This SCNC story is read only in the internet. Nothing is known back here in Cameroon as such. Cameroonians are are all suffering from the suffocation of the evil regime that has nothing but to staff people to death. While we are here in Buea preventing the summarily sentencing by a minsterial order of the alleged victims arrested during the strike for two years, you people are talking of SCNC. Where are they therefore to protect our innocent children through the common law procedure from being imprison as those in other provinces without trial?
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Congratulations for this article. I am sure the police is checked by the inpunity situation in Cameroon.
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This issue of SCNC is engineered by the guys in diaspora to seek refugees statu with it. Here in Cameroon nobody knows about this except reading big stories in internet
The recent happenings in the UB is link with frustrations. There old generations of lecturers who are bent to elimnate any dynamic individuals either by forcing lecturers with conscience to live. With the ongoing issues one teacher is under investigation because he has produced very good results and he is treatened serious sanctions because he has adamantly refused to reduce the marks as the Faculty and the departments are insisting. In many departments like the department of Lecturers who were head of departments retires and recruit themselves again and continue to work. This is the case of Sadrack Kwalar in Maths and Fon Mbe Akam in Chemistry. These individuals are ready to action UB to anybody at any price.
Many of you are calling for Lambi to resign. That is perfect in the normal outsider view. The truth is that this man in collaboration with the authorities has embezzled money allocated for the two Lecture Halls and it was the single card to play against him if he left the system. If he resigned, they would have immidiately opened an investigation about the case of the two lecture halls which were completed and inaugourated on paper. Now he could have been trapped in the current wave of anticurruption going on in the country. Lambi, you can,t fight a crime you are guilty of the same wrong doing. Now you are condemned to be the bad boy for the regime infront of 16 million Cameroonians
Buea today has been transformed into a milatory barracks as the so cals orals for the Minsiters list is supposingly programmed for this afternoon. In the meeting of Monday, Lambi said that Minsters list is non negotiable and that the program drawn up by the minister must be respected. School resuming on Thursday, Convocation postponed from the 16th and reiterated that the confussion is his error. Why then is this puppet not resigniong? He said text must be respected and the text of creation of UB spell out clearly that from the HODs to the VC, the posts must be elected. How elected this munster if he wants to respect the text? I will see how this story of soldiers more numerous in the school cqmpus thqn students will end. A revolution is in the making in Cameroon