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Seattle area
Failed Democrat, failed Republican, moderate conservative, moderate libertarian
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The Comey memo may well shorten Trump's presidency to less than a full term, but it could be also shortened by assassination. There are a lot of really angry leftists out there.
Several points. One, Southfront is a group of pro-Putin trolls. They will, every single time, say not one word critical of Putin and they will tell just one side of the story, and you know what side that is. It's what Putin propagandists do. The Southfront link is an example of that one-sidedness. What they don't say is that, on March 17, it was the first time that the Syrian army fired back at Israeli jets when they were striking Hezbollah--not Syrian army--targets.* Not long after, Putin summoned the Israeli ambassador to Russia for a little talk. In response, the March 22nd airstrikes by Israel had meaning and purpose. For one, there was historical context for striking Mt. Qasioun, which was a location where Assad was secretly producing chemical weapons. Striking that site again, this time with no casualties, sent a direct message to Assad--and by extension, Putin--which was, "Don't f**k with us. We didn't kill you this time but we can if we want." That's the kind of message dictators like Assad and Putin understand. And now that Israel has a loyal ally again in this Trump era, the message has heft. * Israel has good reason to confront Hezbollah, given the support they get from the theocratic Iranian regime.
Or there's Occam's Razor. Specifically, Shep Smith and Bret Baier both reported that FoxNews had no information to back up Napolitano's claim, so they suspended him to protect their credibility, especially in a situation where Spicer was using Napolitano's unverified assertion in a press conference in order to defend Trump's baseless tweet. Erik Wemple has a decent take on the dissonance between news and commentary on FoxNews.
It's too bad that conservatives are tuning Brooks out on this, because he's right. The problem is that he doesn't go far enough. Instead of encouraging GOPers to run their own separate campaigns, he should've said they no should longer support or endorse Trump.
The irony is that Kristof says, "But let's talk," but the comments section is closed. It tells me he'd rather tell than talk.
How do you know the trucks are carrying humanitarian aid? The ICRC disavowed any involvement in this convoy. Why are so disrespectful of sovereign Ukrainian territory? Why are you being Putin's useful idiot?
The new strategy will be a variation on, staying and killing, with no clear goals. Not true, sod. The focus of the McChrsystal plan is on protecting the populace. Herschel Smith has a good summary here, not without criticism. Cite please? I've seen this assertion made but I've never seen it sourced. I'm looking, Eric. I read it a month or two ago. A Taliban leader in Pakistan said it. Right now, they are giving al Qaeda safe haven in Pakistan. Under attack from unmanned U.S. aircraft, Al Qaeda militants in Waziristan needed a tribal ally who would not only provide safe haven, but would also pressure Pakistan's security establishment with suicide bombings and ambushes so that support for cooperation with the U.S. would eventually erode, said Pakistani security analyst Imtiaz Gul. But Pakistan wants the Taliban in power in Afghanistan, so if that happens, we help them! The Pakistanis have been trying to have it both ways, and it's failing them, as the Swat Valley takeover made clear. The government has struck deals with "good" Taliban, only to find that they were chumped. They're Pashtuns, and Pashtunistan straddles the border. The Pakistani and Afghan Taliban are the same, and the government has finally decided to go on the offensive against them, not just in Swat but in Waziristan.
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In view of this statement, Charles Bird's argument, is that he didn't like the "magnifying glass" the new kid brought to the massacre. SOD, how can implementing a new strategy be construed as "stay the course"?
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Obama should have had a strategy in place straight away, but he didn't. All he had were desired actions and personnel increases, and then he changed U.S. Commanders and tasked the new commander to come up with a new strategy, which slowed the process even further. Now that there's new leadership and a new plan, I think it should be given a fair chance. Too bad his own base is getting cold feet. The Taliban is an ideological cancer and a destabilizing factor in both countries. What's more, it's leadership has openly stated that they would give al Qaeda safe haven. The Pakistan military is having its troubles with the Taliban, most recently in the Swat Valley, and I don't see how we're helping Pakistan by enlarging the Taliban's area of operations due to our withdrawing from Afghanistan.
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