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Anyone who has followed The Post closely and the writings of Peterkins Manyong will realize that this man is a praise-singer and has nothing in him to justify serious critism. Last year, he wrote a piece on Nsaila which painted the CPDM politician as a saint without fault, despite the masssively rigged parliamentary elections in Jakiri where he played an active role. Mr. Ngundam, you are right on this one, and until we have a balanced news source from Cameroon, we will be forced to be reading rubbish from people like this, even from the so called 'free press'.
For him to be 50 years old now, he graduated from the university of Yaounde at the age of 19. We all know this was impossible in Cameroon in 1977. If this is another case of a cheating CPDM bigwig, then he has no moral authority to belong to that court, or is it just poor journalism and misrepresentation of the facts? Please advice us.
This belongs to the tabloids, not a credible newspaper. This patient should be receiving pyschiatric treatment, not appearing on the front page of a newspaper. Where are the editors, or are they equally as superstitious as the reporters to allow such childish, unbalanced reporting?
Simplice, Watesih and Morfaw, your comments on Mr. Vewesse's interview simply represents the thought processes of a simple mind and I must assure you that his veiled comments were meant for consumption by the complex mind. What do you not understand when he makes references to the Eritrean, East Timor and the ANC struggle in acheiving the desired objectives for its people? These were all armed struggles. What do you not understand when he says without an army to defend ourselves, we expose our vulnerable populations to the fury of a corrupt junta. You must understand that Mr Vewesse is in Cameroon were Biya still rules with an iron fist and any direct call for a military struggle will land him in jail. You wonder whether those dumb CENER agents cannot read through his message( you guys did not also), but as a very intelligent man, he ends up by calling for prayers and sensitization of the population, and so gives himself an argument for a way out if he is arrested. I am not saying Mr Vewesse is right or Chief Ayamba is wrong. For all intents and purposes, I dont care. I believe in one indivisible Cameroon, where there is freedom and fairness and equal oppurtunity for all. I believe the current regime has failed and does not represent any of those ideals. I believe that change is necessary so Cameroonians abroad and those at home can come together and work together and build a nation we can all be proud to call home.
Cheap journalism. It is too easy to know who paid for this article to be written. Next time try to be a little critical and present a somehow balanced view. Articles like this reduce your target audience and subject you to oblivion,with any real competition.
The church is usually a reflection of society in general. The problems of society are usually reflected in the church. If the spiritual framework is weak, this can lead to disintergration of the body of Christ. The emphasis of the church should be to uplift its members spiritually. In the new christian church after Christ had ascended into heaven, there were complains of favoritism against the Grecian Jews by the Hebraic Jews (Acts 6:1-6). The apostles handled this with the maturity that comes with spiritual wisdom. They involved all the believers and prayed about this and asked the believers to select seven members from among them to represent them. Most of these were Grecian Jews, as we can tell from the names. I hope that the church can help from this example.
If "one Peter Limen and his children seized the traditional juju" as claimed by the Bali Fon, why should he and his children not be the ones made to face the wrath of the Bali people instead of the whole Bawock tribe? I am by no means suggesting that the Bali people have the right to take the law into their hands. The utterances of the Fon of Bali from the onset of this crises clearly implies that there is a justification for the annihilation of Bawock village and it should not take a rocket scientist to determine who fanned the flames of this conflict. It is a shame that in this modern age, where the rule of law should be made to triumph, some people are resorting to jungle justice. A nation that cannot learn from history is bound to repeat it. The almighty Bali Fon just has to learn from the almighty Fon Doh that those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Why do people continue to fight and die for worthless, inept, fetish objects called jujus. If the jujus had any powers, they could have fought for themselves. It is time for people to rise from this bondage of enslavement to inannimate satanic objects and serve A LIVING GOD who can fight for HIMSELF. A word to the wise ...............
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2007 on Bawock Refugees Aided at Up Station Mountain Club
The imperialists must be having a big laugh as we continue to act like children and avoid any common sense. How can we, in 2007, continue to identify ourselves by the language of the slave masters and completely forget our real identities? Where is the evidence that English colonies have fared better than French colonies in the post colonial era? Without question, Cameroon has monumental problems that require a revolution to address, but to think that these problems can only be resolved if it is split into an Anglophone and a Francophone Cameroon, is also a monumental blunder. The same xenophobic, tunnel-vision proponents of such a seperation are going to be the ones who will be clamouring for a seperation of the Anglophone states because of ethnic or regional domination. There has been a trial of an Anglophone state, first as part of Eastern Nigeria and later in the 2 state Federation with East Cameroun. Anglophone Cameroon is not a homogenous state and we must remember the monumental problems we had with the previos unions that brought us to this point, because a nation that cannot learn from its history is bound to repeat it. We must see our diversity as our strenght and look for ways to resolve our problems within the status quo.
Man is always a victim of his environment and as Cameroonians, we are victims of an environment blighted by mans inhumanity to man. Don't blame the poor Dr. Ndi for expressing his mind on an issue many of us find appaling, because in so doing, he has unwithingly defined with callousness, the reality of life in Cameroon. I remember some radical friends in CCAST Bambili in the 80's, some are Doctors, Lawyers, Inspectors of Customs/Treasury, Magistrates, Commissioners to name a few. We had such lofty ideals on what we would do to bring back Cameroons lost glory. I had the privilege of interacting with a lot of them before I left home. These previously decent young people had suddenly become monsters, all wanting a share of the national cake, compromising their intergrity for financial gain. Corruption is now the status quo, people worship money, the source is immaterial. Many of us in this forum have brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and friends who are perpetrating this cycle of destruction and we rever them, throw big parties for them when they visit here.It is no longer news that the gov't doctor asks for money before he sees a patient, the bank manager asks for a cut before he approves a loan, the magistrate asks for an incentive to deliver a favorable judgement. The list is long but in Cameroon, Cameroonians are not complaining! Those who complain are not in a position to 'Chop'. How many of you are here because you had access to such ill gotten wealth, directly or indirectly! The majority of people in Cameroon are suffering because of the corrupt practices of the people in power and only a radical solution can bring transformation for good. The problems in Cameroon are collosal and there are few people of goodwill left there.We need to identify people of goodwill in Cameroon who have potential power, people we can support to bring the necessary changes to transform our nation to its glory days. Any suggestions!