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I have never bought the idea of separating from our French brothers.But, when i read between the lines the 'recitation' of Biya every year and worst still that of last year, i feel like buying the idea of my SCNC brothers on this forum. Its really a shame and a pity the a man of Biya's age has no sentiments or Common sense.If grey hair is really wisdom, then Biya needs to allow his to grow so he can gain this wisdom.I bet u all the lack of grey hair on Biya's head is the cost of all this deficiency in wisdom. How could he think that admending article 6(2) will help us?Our God! this case is more than us and i presume more than Jesus too please come down YOURSELVE to Cameroon and help us.
Wat is he trying to do? Plis stop this guy before he gets in, Let him give our money just like Zacheus in the Bible did wen he was abt to gif his life to Christ.
Oh! my God! this guys dont even know how limpy our National team is.
This is a game. I have been following this discussion from day one wen it was published in the Post. I tell u guys this a game. Hon Modi will certainly go home with a big parkage. Biya wants the world to know that The ruling party is open to internal challenges and providing comfortable solutions to them.
Datz a very good qns. Ted pls tell us ur view becoz i have mine too.
Go on SDF if u guys need more assistance, always knock at my Door.This should be taken seriously. Enof is enof with this CPDM. Again i wonder where the lausy Ben Muna is he was also cheated am sure. We are sick and tired of this 'diapered' dictator.Unlike Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Biya kills his people while leeking the ass's of the so called developed world leaders. Biya ur death i can picture it.In fact more of what hap'd to Sameul Doh. See guys for those of u who are interested in having the full copy of Robert Mugabe's speech at the UN, u can send me ur emails via this medium or to my private email add.