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Fellow Cameroonians, Let us all rally behind the Head of State for the realisation of the greater achievements programme. Thanks to all of you especially the North West for having massively voted for the CPDM and given His Excellency the clear mandate and majority to carry out his noble mission. We all need to join hands with the Head of State to build Cameroon. It is not the task of one man but for the whole nation. Please continue to keep our President and family in your prayers for long life, good health and prosperity. Thank you. JB Ndeh, CPDM Central Committee
Thank you all for your reactions. But I suggest you respect my person as an elder and a senior statesman and do not throw uncalled for abuses if you want us to have an intellectual debate. Firstly, our new strategy now in the NEW DEAL is to win the hearts and minds of people. That is people now joining the CPDM and rallying around President Biya not because of appointment, promotion, contracts, money or food and drink but because they are now convinced that only the CPDM holds the hope and future of Cameroon. The CPDM which, remember, has been able to maintain us as an island of peace and stability in a region and continent of conflict and disaster. You only need to read our Head of State’s speeches to see the good plans he has for Cameroon. Remember how His Excellency said during his last address to the nation that we can all have our differences but all those who agree with the “primacy of the national interest” are welcome to bring in their own bricks to contribute in building the Cameroon edifice. Unfortunately the SCNC has self-excluded itself because they threaten our national unity and want to reverse the tremendous gains our heroes and nationalists fought and died for. But we should treat them with love and understanding. After all they are still our brothers and sisters even though erring. As I said above, the way forward is winning their hearts and minds.
I am indeed JB Ndeh, General Manager of MIDENO. I usually read the Post on paper but was encouraged by CAMASEJ journalists last week that The Post has a website where citizens can share their ideas for the development of Cameroon. It is a good idea I think, especially as many people are now travelling a lot and need to keep informed. Mr. Watesih, if you are in Bamenda you can come to MIDENO near Ayaba Hotel and give your name to my secretary. I can show you MIDENO and GP DERUDEP achievements on paper and give you more statistics in line with our struggling resources. I am glad you also noticed the bigger job we are now able to do thanks to the support of the African Development Bank.
My fellow Cameroonian children, I am His Excellency JB Ndeh, your former Minister of Transport and currently GM of MIDENO. It is a great pleasure for me to join the Post website and be able to communicate with you all especially telling you of the remarkable achievements of our beloved President His Excellency President Paul Biya. Indeed we need to thank the North West for gradually opening their eyes and turning away from the opposition which cannot offer them anything. Only trust and faith in the CPDM and President Biya can bring us the development we need. As you can all see, this is just the beginning. President Biya has scratched our back thoroughly with our daughter as Minister of Culture and the other appointments. I am sure more will follow. Development is the on the way by way of roads, schools, bridges, industries and you name the rest. I encourage you to continue to support the New Deal and the CPDM. Please shun the SCNC especially at this crucial time when 1st of October is approaching and the SCNC is making empty noise. Have faith in your Head of State who is also the Fon of Fons. I thank you all. Yours Sincerely, HE JB Ndeh, Former Minister of Transport GM of MIDENO CPDM Section President