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More than anything else, rape in islam is often perceived as the "right" of a victorious muslim over a defeated enemy. Mohammad and his men enslaved and raped many women - there's even a name for it in the Quran: a "right hand possession," which always appears as one of the options in terms of halal intercourse ( but only for muslim men, of course). Mohammad actually raped one young lady, Safiyah (a jewess, I believe), the same day he slaughtered all of her male relatives - and since the deeds of Mohammad are a primary source of islamic law, there is very good precedent for all manner of sexual aggression. Abductions and forced conversions of coptic girls by Egyptian security forces, which are heavily controlled by Brotherhood sympathisers, are justified on similar grounds. It is a mind-set also displayed by premier Australian cleric Sheik Hilali, who preached that western women are to blame when muslim men rape them because they are the equivalent of uncovered meat. Had they followed islamic law (or, as in this case, obeyed the islamic regime) by staying inside their homes and out of harms way, he maintained, they would have been safe. The clerics quoted in this case appear to have a similar mentality.
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