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Well I suppose when they host and protect terrorists and those terrorists start mucking with the internal security of ZA then we can say we told you so. Of course you'll never get remorse, regret or action out of any government that supports those people today, so you're in for a long slow slide into anarchy and irrelevance. Good luck with that.
More dithering nonsense. The entire point, the entire point of this exercise is to add fuel to antizionism pure and simple. Why is that? Because Israel has already decided on a two-state solution. Anything else is dull navel gazing silliness and anyone who engages in it is no better than the Lapudans of Gulliver's Travels who were so smart they needed to be hit in the head with a pig's bladder to be reminded it was their turn to talk. It's really almost beyond belief why this normally sober bunch here at IAS would even bother to burble and mutter at each other with crumpet munching semiotic abstractions over this.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2007 on Outrage at Oxford Union at It's Almost Supernatural
It's patently silly to assert there's no right or wrong in the realm of so called free speech. Why not have a neo confederate give us a speech about all the good things to come from slavery. Or perhaps a child molester extoling the virtues of child rape. Any why not a wife beater discussing the divine right of that too? The academic theoretical unlimited 'free speech' advocates are fools. No the simple fact is that racists and fools don't drop from the sky. They've already found a receptive audience and fertile ground which already gave them free license to prattle and screech.