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I hope it's just because the drop point is new and they're still working out the kinks, but ever since I started mailing discs to 10116 the turnaround has been 24 hours longer (on receiving AND sending ends) than back when I was sending to/receiving from Flushing. Wish I kept some of those Flushing envelopes.... :p
Just noticed that the two envelopes that came today are addressed to a P.O. box in NY,NY, zip code 10116 (which is up in Harlem, apparently). To date the nearest drop to my house has been Flushing. Will this mean that I receive movies even faster? It would be nice, but I don't see how it would be possible - the videos I send back are usually received by netflix within 24 hours, and I usually receive movies the day after they have been sent out.