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I find it really sad that the whole debate focuses on words like 'violence' to draw attention to it; in my opinion it just reinforces, what I believe is the (not so) hidden agenda here. The whole discussion seems to want to blame 'new technology' for what is purported to be increased violence from this generations children. It's very biased whichever way you look at it... Violent films, books etc have been around for all of our lifetimes, and because that medium is better understood by the more 'mature' generation, then more often that not video games are used as the scapegoat for the changing/evolving behaviour of a whole generation of children who are more likely to play them. There is so much to learn and gain from playing/using video games, which just seems to go by the wayside of the people who could really benefit from a greater understanding. Mostly because people tend to be scared of things they don't understand - making video games easy prey for the scare-mongering media. I wonder about what sometimes appears to be an increased attitude to pass-off parental responsibility and blame 'violent behaviour' on games, instead of looking at the actual parents allowing their children to play 'violent' games with or without their supervision. How exactly are the government and discussion group going to measure a Games Violence Study? *SIGH*
Shafted in Europe as they are probably still translating it ¬¬ I can't wait to play!
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