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"the streetlights have come to stay. It is a Christmas gift by the council to the people of Buea". Mayor Buea Rural Council. Yes this is Cameroon. A public official supposedly voted by the people to manage their affairs which include water provision, power, and other social ammenities openly says that lighting the streets is a gift to that population who elected him to manage their money! What a strange interpretation of public responsibility! Does the population of Buea not have the right to public lighting? Well surprisingly, next election this bloke will be reelected by this abused population. At times I think it is fair to say Cameroonians just have the leadership they deserve. How can a mayor say anything like this and not forced to resign immediately?
Please I criticise the SDF but I cannot stand when you make such horrendous false statements about the party. The SDF party does not constititute its executive offices through nomination or appointments Can you please make a suggestion how anybody, not even only a person from the Southwest Province can be voted into office when he does not have a constituency behind him or when he does not run for a post? Besides The Founding fathers were forming an opposition party and not creating a parliamentin which members will represent every inch of West Cameroon territory. I think this is a childish lie and I will not even stoop that low to defend it. Secondly you stated that Bamenda people have started to feel the pain caused by John Ngu Foncha when he opted to drag West Cameroon to the East. I know your opinion does not in any sensible reflect the views of people of the Southwest but I should ask you this question. Why did you not form an opposition party and fight against that just as the Northwesterners did? How does anybody indicate objection to anything? By fighting against it, I think. You did not like joining East Cameroon why did you not fight against that? Thirdly, it is from you I am hearing that Northwesterners are just beginning to feel the pain of reuniting with East Cameroon. Since the so called reunification name just one Southwesterner that has openly challenged that union. Do you remember Albert Mukong? Name another like him from the Southwest province. You don't like something why do you accept it? Are you not man enough to fight on your own? And above everything else, must you be members of the SDF? If the SDF is so discriminatory why not form another political grouping in the South West and take up the fight too? That will even boost the struggle. You might even come out victorious before the "segregationist" SDF. I thought there were some parties formed in the South West just after the SDF was launched. What happened? Did the SDF conspire with government to stop them from operating? I hate to hear myself pitting one Anglophone group against the other. But you made me do that. What do you think the NW has benefitted from reunification since 1972? In your opinion it is just today the North West is realising that West Cameroon in general has been the looser all along. Can you even identify one significant benefit the Northwest has had since reunification? Or you are the one to tell them that they have never benefitted anything. But how come the bastion of the opposition in all the various organisations opposing the regime in Yaounde are in the Northwest? Your position is false, very divisive and childish. But all I can say is that if the SDF is tribalistic and cannot serve your purpose, form a party and continue the fight. Do not hide behind the silly argument that too many parties are not good for a country. The more fronts we create in the struggle the better for us. Your accusations are just part of ancient history. The two provinces have all gone beyond that. Please know that the so called Southwest Northwest problem (which in essence is what you have written down here) is a creation of the regime. You are just fanning the flames of something which is just a figment of the imagination of embeciles. Popular psychology tells us that when a lie is told several times over very soon it starts sounding like the truth to less intelligent people. You are just a victim of that. Poor you.
ONE MEAL. JUST ONE MEAL, To SAY she CARES. How many meals does Chantal have in a single day? However, God is the greatest accountant and balances his books right all the time.How do these peole sleep at night when they know they have th power to chang things and do not? I as an ordinary Cameroonian might take comfort in the fact that I can't do much about anything, but how do these CPDM people manage such a load in their hearts? Or thet don't just have that load? These people will one day give testimony to God why they treat us this way. They will, because in God's balance sheet all the facts and figures are there. Their own accounts, they must render to God. Let God bless these juveniles. Looking back at my own childhood I realise how unwise childhood is. Children, even up to teenage still have so much to lean about right and wrong. Why would a nation condemn its own children to perpetual hell on earth just for being children? Is it not our responsibility to correct them rather than kill them just for being children? And Jesus Christ showed us the example by openly showing his unconditional love for children because they are just what the are - CHILDREN
Please Dr. Tamanjong, I don't think the SDF is the leading opposition party anymore. A real opposition party would have instead been challenging and making a mockery why in a so called "democratie avancee" the President had the right to meddle in affairs that deputies should handle.Even if this would not change much at the moment Cameroonians would understand where the party stands in relation to the dictatorship in Cameroon. Instead of lamenting for been sidelined the SDF would have been asking why deputies would not elect their own members into whatever committees in the national assembly. Anything involving appointments by someone indicates that that something can be controlled by he who does the appointment. So the SDF is accepting this overbearing decree power by the president by lamenting over their being sidelined. I have always made it known that the SDF's presence in parliament is simply for the financial benefits of the members who happen to be there. Why don't these members earn their money quietly but are now trying to give more support to the dictatorship they all asked Cameroonians to reject? Why do you in the SDF hierachy complain about being disfavoured by such abusive dictatorial powers which do nothing other than bring ruin to the country? Is the SDF becoming an accomplice to the demise of Cameroon or still a crusader? Anybody fighting to win something likes it. The SDF therefore likes Paul Biya's dictatorial powers because it is lamenting for not having benefitted from it. How can it then continue the fight for change now?
Fon Doh could be really guilty but is it not usual for the victor in a court decision to praise the leagl system? Mr Ngufor is equally a CPDM big shot. The CPDM had to take sides with the other lesser evil they can live with - in this case Mr Ngufor. Sitting on the bench of the supreme court, is it not this very Dipabnda Mouelle who said his hands were tied and he could not declare the Fru Ndi as the real winner in presidential elections? According to Mr Ngufor he is an objective member of the supreme court now. Why was he not such an objective person during the presidential elections? Mr Ngufor you are as corrupt as all of them. Wait for your own turn when you fall out of CPDM favour. Then you will repeat what Jackie Ndoumbe said "Les choses qui arrivent aux autres commencent deja m'arriver" (my french is not too good)
Mr Manga, You are one hundred percent correct. The crime rate is high not because the existing court system cannot do the job but simply because the level of corruption is too high. What is it that obstructs the present court system that will not obstruct the military tribunal? Like everything else in Cameroon the authorities are avoiding the object and chasing its shadow. And the way the contributor called Dr. Agbor Mbai has approached this topic and a host of others here, I would suggest he stops attaching that Dr. Title to his name. Why would a Dr. be so naive in his pereption? I am not a doctor and many would not be looking up to me for some intelligent guidance or approach to issues. Drs owe it to us for intellecual guidance and that is why I am just pissed off with this guy. The foundations of the nation have completely fallen apart and here come politicians with cosmetic measures only in an attempt to sidestep what the real problem is. How can anything work in a corruption ridden absentee dictatorship without any functioning infrastucture? The level of professional ethics is at best inexistent, personal security is zero, despite the thousands of police officers seen all over the country. Their participation too in violent criminal activity is an open secret. What can a military tribunal to be run by these criminals themselves accomplish in Cameroon?
>Fongang, how on earth will the "Creating of a real democratic government" occur if there is no watchdog pointing out the failings of the current system with hard numbers, viable statistics, etc." Mr. Manga Do watchdogs operate in a vacuum? Ok, now that they have been brutalised and arrested, how effective can they be? Cameroonians have been fooled to believe that there could be anything better than a democratic environemnt. The only watchdog in any society is the people themselves. The question of watchdog seems important because the people have been used to the fact that there could be a organisation that will fight for them. NO. The people fight for their own rights. Democracy does not need a watchdog. It needs the people to protect their interests through the power of the ballot box. That is real democracy. Some of you might have heard about orgnisations in democracies like the US that fight for one thing or another. Get this. These organisations are truly termed "Interest Groups" or to be more precise "Special Interests Groups" In democracies these Interests Groups fight for their special interests based on the idelogies of those forming these groups.They never fight for the general interests of the citizens. Besides they operate in a democratic environment in the first place. How can we achieve anything without a democratic environment? Do we create such a conducuve environment by selecting issues and fight for? The conducuve environment is the only issue at the moment to fight for. Anything else is setting the cart before the horse.This is the truth. Again let me ask you. Now that they have been arrested what will you do? Create another NGO to get them released? Cameroonians have one issue to fight for Cameroon - DEMOCRACY and we cannot be picking and selecting the convenient aspects in a democracy and start fighting over. Democracy comes in one single package otherwise it is not democracy Have a nice day
Let the police even shoot all of them down. These are the type of activists that ironically support that corrupt regime. Where on earth has any NGO succeeded in fighting corruption? It is only in third world countries that the western world hands out petty cash to maintain the self deception that we can fight corruption through some form of organisation be them NGO or whatever they term them. Now that a corrupt administration has brutalised them and thrown them in jail, what next? The country is rotten and we cannot continue to select one aspect of the rotteness to correct. Everything in the third world seems to become complicated beyond measure. It also seems that most of us have unfortunately developed a mindset that if the solutions to a problem is not complex just as the problem itself it would not work. Let me state this clearly. There is only one way to fight corruption. Creating a REAL Democratic government with the people allowed to make their decisions through elected leaders. With the people in charge every single piece will fall in place automatically. Should I mention the case of the most recent coruption scandal in the US involving the governor of Illinois? The simple thing that will happen to him is that the peoples' representatives in their state assembly will sanction him accordingly. No sweat. Let these so called NGOs join any political party and fight to oust this corrupt government and replace it with a real democratic one. The foundations of the Cameroon house is now very faulty and does no longer support the entire structure. We cannot correct the situation by patchwork. No NGO, No Anti corruption commision, can stop the situation in Cameroon today or any other Corrupt African country for that matter. For how many years today has this so called fight been going on? The solution to the problem is a political one, period, and it involves getting rid of the present regime. They know that and that is why they prefer pretending to fight corruption by creating useless commissions and then allowing the creation of useless NGOs to do same. Let the reader ask himself this question. Why would this government allow an organisation for fighting coruption knowing fully well that a successful fight will land almost of the leadership in jail? The amswer is simple. They know the NGO would never be effective. But a powerful political party or a union of parties will, and that is why it is the parties they do all to frustrate. A united front of parties can change things within a short time.
Mr Ntumfor, Who are these people who wanted you to assist them in rigging elections? Are you not a criminal your self by concealing a criminal activity? Can you not help our country to rid it of these 'bad politicians' by letting the public know them? YOU ARE LYING, Mr. Halle Ntumfor or whatever you call your self. Be a man and expose these 'bad people'. It will be a wonderful contribution to Cameroon. Hiding them tantamounts to assisting and abating crime. You are a lawyer you should know better. If you don't have anything to say please just stay quiet.The SDF has ben fighting even at times by applying physical force for any victory it registers in the province and beyond. That therefore keeps them out of your line of so called accused. That leaves the CPDM. Why don't you expose these people if you want to help Cameroon. You are more interested in portraying yourself as a saint while 'keeping secrets' that could save a whole nation. Shame on you for self aggrandisement. Fon Emmanuel
Jojo you be serious? So because one monkey fall down all monkey don fall too?
God will really punish these CPDM people one day. Politics should not be blatant lies and gross misrepresentations all the time. Infact these people have made Cameroonians so destitute in mind and body that I am ashamed to know that many Cameroonians really believe some of what these people say. Ofcourse being so destitute how could they know better? What do these people mean by SDF stealing elections? But even so, now that SDF has stolen the elections what has changed in the municipality? But the real issue here is how can a weak and poor opposition seize legitimate victory from the clutches of a well funded brutal dictatorship? If the SDF can do that in Santa why can't they apply the same tactics elsewhere? If the CPDM really won in Santa what sort of threats did the SDF make that compelled the CPDM to concede defeat and what influence did the SDF have over the supreme court for it to declare the SDF the winner? Is it because it is the chairman's home town? And if so does winning there not mean that the SDF is more popular there which should gurantee a legitimate winning? But is Santa not home to Achdi Achu and JB Nde both of whom could have combined and beaten the SDF hands down if the CPDM was more popular? What sort of disgraceful and shameless hypochrisy is this? Just because the SDF succeeded to put a stop to the intended humiliation of the SDF chairman, there could be no other reason for that failure apart from that the SDF stole the victory. How can anyone steal electoral victory from Paul Biya's government and then even go another step further by concretizing that victory in his supreme court? Are we talking about the Cameroon I know or another country in Africa? Fon
God will really punish these CPDM people one day. Politics should not be blatant lies and gross misrepresentations all the time. Infact these people have made Cameroonians so destitute in mind and body that I am ashamed to know that many Cameroonians really believe some of what these people say. Ofcourse being so destitute how could they know better? What do these people mean by SDF stealing elections? But even so, now that SDF has stolen the elections what has changed in the municipality? But the real issue here is how can a weak and poor opposition seize legitimate victory from the clutches of a well funded brutal dictatorship? If the SDF can do that in Santa why can't they apply the same tactics elsewhere? If the CPDM really won in Santa what sort of threats did the SDF make that compelled the CPDM to concede defeat and what influence did the SDF have over the supreme court for it to declare the SDF the winner? Is it because it is the chairman's home town? And if so does winning there not mean that the SDF is more popular there which should gurantee a legitimate winning? But is Santa not home to Achdi Achu and JB Nde both of whom could have combined and beaten the SDF hands down if the CPDM was more popular? What sort of disgraceful and shameless hypochrisy is this? Just because the SDF succeeded to put a stop to the intended humiliation of the SDF chairman, there could be no other reason for that failure apart from that the SDF stole the victory. How can anyone steal electoral victory from Paul Biya's government and then even go another step further by concretizing that victory in his supreme court? Are we talking about the Cameroon I know or another country in Africa? Fon
What sort of a country is Cameoon? What does it mean by 'DO orders arrest of road destroyers'? Let us forget about the choice of words of this reporter and concentrate on the substance of the report. What this reporter is really saying is that a prefectoral order has been issued authorising the arest of individuals who in one way or another destroy our roads or streets. What other sogns of failure can an admninistration exhibit other than relying on such a stupid and senseless system of governance? Are our roads not public property like many other things say - telephone booths, government houses, electric poles, government vehicles etc? Why should it need a prefectoral order to arrest someone committing such a crime? Are these orders also signed when other types of public property are destroyed or this is limited to roads? If so why only roads? Indeed the truth behind such a prefectoral order is that the administration has either forgotten that there are laws in the country, or better still, there aren't any. Should it not be automatic that when seen destroying public property you are arrested and charged according to an existing law in the penal code? This system of governance without laws, or selectively applying them through orders issued by local administrators is a recipe for disaster. Of course, are we not already in one? So why would anybody in his or her right mind support such disastrous administration of this CPDM regime? Can somebody even attempt justifying this support by saying that people see things differently and might see some benefits in this system? I think most of these CPDM supporters have been cursed. Why wouldn't they? Most of them even suffer from this mess more than some vocal opposers like us. It is just like people wanting to self destruct. Have a nice day
You taxi drivers are as useles as your strikes. Just because you caught the government unawares last time you think you can get away with it a second time. Have you ever heard the saying that opportunity strikes but once? How would you anyway. Most of you can barely read or write. You missed a big and wonderful opportunuty to even cause the government to fall last time by hastily and selfishly bowing to useless promises from a government run by crooks. You guys think the youths of Cameroon will go onto the streets once more to be shot, hurt, imprisoned, killed and for no one to raise a finger to help them from a brutal dictator? Mark my words. Yes you will stop driving for a few but nobody will come in support of you. Second, Mr Biya will call your leaders and bribe them and make more palatable promises again and all of you with the hunger that a few days of not working has caused you, you all will go back into your usesless taxis again. Remember what happened to the SDF? They got the government by surprise in 1990 when the party was launched. If they had pressed on using every available means - even a civil strife, we would have been telling a different story today in Cameroon. But since the leaders themselves cannot sacrifice their lives for a cause they let Mr Biya crush them again. People want something but are not ready to die for it. They won't get it. Just because you taxi drivers organised a strike last time and the rest of Cameroon supported you yet when the government just pretended to accept your few demands you called off the strike leaving the rest of the Cameroonian youth who supported you with their lives in Limbo . Do not kid yourselves this time around You will never get the reaction that you got last time. As usual the government will whip your arses to submission and I hope that happens. Because of the massive support you had from young Cameroonians many of them were shot and killed but in your negotiations with government you people did not even mention their situation to your government memebers. Many of them are still languishing in jails all over the country and you people never cared so long as your few demands were 'addresed' They are all in jails today and most were shot and killed. Who do you think will give you people such a support that you are threatening the government with? Maybe you guys think Mr Biys is some small fool. He knows exacly how these so called trade Unions function and never misses an opportunity to get the better of them. Mr Biya needs only one lesson every single time and you will never catch him offguard again Mr Biya will pick up those your so called leaders and thrash them very well and before you know what is going on you will be on the streets in your rickety taxis working your arses out only to hand your hard earned money back to Mr. Biya's police.
I think this person calling himself Essono here is a fraud and dubious character. It has just ocured to me that he could be an 'agent provicateur' feeding the regime with imformation about those who oppose it. They way he handled the debate about Nico Halle in this paper actually left a bitter taste in my mind. Here he is a gain. Why would anyone who claims that he is an 'unapologetic critic'(to use his own words) of the regime express surprise after reading such a report which is actually mild in its description of the bribery and corruption in Cameroon? This report does not in anyway touch the tip of the iceberg so far as the the scale of the problem in Cameroonis concerned. And then a Cameroonian who says he is a critic of the regime would publicly express such amazement. He is faking the whole thing. The name Essono first of all is not unfamiliar to me. As a student in Yaounde Univrsity in the 80s there were reports of a notorious or mythical armed robber who went by that name ESSONO, in Douala. They said he was finally shot by police. Is our Essono here his reincrnation? This was before the Biya regime allowed armed robbery to became a common crime in Cameroon although with more deadly consequences.I did not expect our Essono here to disclose his real identity but just like the dubious fellow he is his mind set could not stray far away from crimnal associations - hence his choice of name If anybody reads crime stories and police detective techniques, or follow such programmes on TV he or she will always notice that the criminal always leaves some evidence behind to help track him down. No matter how hard a ciminal tries to clean up after a crime he always leaves that one crucial evidence which a keen investigator will use to track him down with. Essono has just left his own evidence behind here, by pretending surprise that there is corruption in Cameroon Professinal schools and government jobs. What has been the complain of Camroonians since Mr Biya took over? Why would anyone familiar with issues in Cameroon even blink an eye when such stories are told? What has been our problem with the regime for over these years? In my opinion most Cameroonians would not even care who stays in power and for how long so far as they can just make ends meet, have hopes for a bright future for themselves and their children. Corruption has dashed these simple and ordinary wishes by Cameroonians to the ground and the government is doing anything about it. That is our problem. It is not complicated. We are not even asking for free handouts from government - like free education, health care transportation, housing, water supply, electricity etc. We just want fairness and justice and we are confident everything will eventually fall in place. That is what we call HOPE, and I tell you a government can survive a hundred years if only it can instill that feling of HOPE into its people but not by mereley saying so, but by making the people the people seeing it and feeling that way. If Essono is ignorant of this, then let him know that no one is afraid to air his or her views here. There is nothing you can take to your bosses from here that will make some of us even waste one of our precious minutes worrying about. What disturbs me is - WHY WOULD ANYBODY BE AN AGENT PROVOCATEUR?
It is always quite difficult to criticise the TV in Cameroon from the experience got from advanced societies and elicit any positive impression from Cameroonians themselves. The overbearing influence the CRTV has had in Cameroon over the years has succeeded to create some level of igonrance in Cameroon which is alarming. First this ignorance itslef is always manifested when they become so hostile to foreign comparisons. Second it is just of recent that Cameroians are getting used to the fact that the Radio and television industry in most of the world is controlled by the private sector. The most damaging thing here is the confused manner in which the cameroon government has liberalised the Cameroon media industry, and then the censorship that dominates it. Without a profesional media council but one dictated to by politicians, radio television, and the print media have all been invaded by just anybody who can afford equipment. The consequences are obvious. They all produce very low quality products for public consumption and the investors themselves hardly know any better so long as they can make a profit and avoid being closed down by the long arm of the dictatorship. But the beautiful truth in the media industry is that no matter how ignorant a public is it can still appreciate good products. But the other ugly truth is that because of censorship talent remains unexploited and thus the absence of meaningful local programs. The foreign programs immediately fill in the void. But these programs can never have local content which in most cases should go a long way to autocriticise and build a healthy society. Foreign program content unavoidably limits itself to issues that most Cameroonians cannot relate to or even care about. The foreign programs cannot heal a society which they were not meant for. If we could be free to express ourselves in programms that reflect our immediate values, our aspirations as a people, we would always have a means through our progrmas to teach the Cameroonian youth what to copy or discard from foreign information. One specific example. In the US in most cases armed robbery is always a well calculated operation where the robers exactly know what they are after and would shoot only in self defence - i.e. self defence in terms of fear of identification or being shot at at the time of operation. But in Cameroon our armed robbers shoot before they even think they had to force the victim to disclose where whatever they wanted is hidden. Most often they attack without fore knowledge of availability of money of any such valuables. When the victims sinceely plead that there is nothing worth taking they shoot and kill. That is pure ignorance. But they have always watched and admired armed robbers operate in movies but our TV or radio channels have never had the liberty to organise debates, free talk shows or programs that can carry such vital common sense. But then such programs often carry criticisms of government's inability to curb crime, and the Cameroon government will not want any of it. How can we educate the society if we are not free to say everything we want? The youths copy what they see without any intrinsic psychological understanding of the society in which the activities are caried out. This is an example of an extreme devient bahaviour influenced by the gun culture of societies which our young people know very little about. We can cite many. The most damaging is the prevalence of low quality Nigerian home videos with dominating themes of 'black magic' 'witch craft' domestic violence, feymania etc. It has unfortunately consumed and altered the thought pattern of Cameroonins who have no means of understanding their improbabilities. I know most of such Camerooians who read this posting will wonder why I might even think that black magic and witch craft could be improbable. But that is the problem. For opinions to be made on anything a serious debate must be freely held. It might recqure a long period for such an opinion to be formed firmly in one's psyche. But it is neccsary. The Nigerian vidoes due to their affordability have made themselves availble to the poorest of the poor and there is nothing to counter them. For something to counter them it must be equally captivating and only the availability of an atmosphere of free expression can bring out such talents.
What language are you writing in Red Flag? Those cannot be typographical errors. Don't you think just your language alone can say much about your ability to think and understand current events? Don't you think some care should be put on how you express your self in public for anybody to take you serious? Please do not confuse this criticism with being highly educated or not.
NOWEFO, Ntumfor, CPDM, all loud sounding NOTHINGS
Let me make the last response to Essono on this topic beofre the new edition comes. Essono, when ou say you will remain forever an unapologetic opposer to the regime you must be joking. I am very prepared to accept the CPDM or any other political party for that matter if they live up to my expectations. I will have no reason to hate the CPDM thereafter. Secondly mentioning that there could also be bad elements in the SDF, UPC, UNDP etc is of no consequence. Whether they are bad or not, how do they affect my life now? They don't affect my life in anyway and I cannot condemn them now. Only people whose public life affect mine are important to me. Even if your private affairs try to affect mine negatively I know where to address that, the legal system which itself is controlloed by public figures. So therfore if someone's private life affects mine negatively and the legal system cannot redress that I will feel cheated not by the person against me but by the legal system and the public figures who are in charge. We should learn to know where our responsibilities start and end So forget about your Ntumfor and your being a jurist. If you use this same judgment in assisting your clients you have displayed in this debate, I should really feel sorry for them. From your perspective now and given the chaotic legal environment in Cameroon it seems his withdrawing as counsel of a client might have even violated lawyer-client relations - and as a favourite of the regime what can happen to him?. NOTHING. I just said 'might' mark you so do not jump on my back now.
Thank you Rexon for coming to my aid. Infact we like personalising issues and wanting the public to go by those personalisations. We do not have to know whether a public servant or figure is a good person or not. The question we should all be concerned with is 'How does his public life affect ours?' I do not need to know Nico Halle even in person to create an opinion about him. Infact I have never met this guy and I don't need to. I said this before and Rexon echoed it. All the public figures we criticise might be good parents, friends, brothers, mothers, family members etc etc., but how does that concern me? I am not their family member, friend, brother, sister etc. Our only means of contact is when his public service affects my life. That is only when his activities concern me. So far as Nico Halle is concerned, his support for the regime has been devastaing to me. He is thus just as evil as the regime. How difficult is that to understand? Also, the question about my statement that 'It is alright to accept that francophones are corrupt' is what we call in English an ironical statement. Do you want me to define it? I thought it would be undermining your ability to understand English if I did but you have forced me to do so. An irony is a type of statement which actually carries the opposite of what its surface meaning might be. I do not know how else I could have put it. From what we usually read and hear in Cameroon about the fight against corruption, when a Francophone is accused of coruption it seems everybody, particularly Anglophones just conclude that it is true. But when such accusations are made against an Anglophone, many Anglophone commentators will immediately start talking about victimisation. We have read and heard that many times. I don't know how you understand written information. Could I have put it more explicitly? Finally about who an Anglophone is, I triedcontextualize the definition. I know what the Dictionary definition is. But in Cameroon and in particular with the SCNC movement, an anglophone might not neccessariy mean anybody who speaks English. It is not me who has decided to reason that way. That is how I see it being considered. Besides if an Anglophone should be accepted based on the ability to speak the language alone, are we therefore going to find out how well one speaks it before accepting or refusing him or her? How would you determine that? It is our history that will determine it and not the dictionary. That is why in most countries mere citizenship is not even enough to do certain things citizens are allowed to do like running for some offices. In the US being an American and residing in a state does not automatically qualifiy you to run for some public offices. So in Cameroon from what I see happening and from my understanding, speaking English does not and will not automatically qualify anybody to be an Anglophone. And most of all the term Anglophone in describing the people from the South and |Northwest Provinces of Cameroon is supposed to be just a temporal and convenient identification label. If the territory attains independence someday, it will redefine itself and its citizens also.
Essono, I think you got me wrong a little. I did not say that Anglophones have not been accused, arrested or even imprisoned for corruption. But I think as a frequent reader of this Post Newspaper you will agree with me that they always try to say Anglophones are mostly victims when they are accused and arrested. That is exactly what happened to the Forjindam case and I think it has happened quite a number of times. Then the issue of Anglophone or Francophone is what I think you understand very well. It does not limit itself to the dictionary meaning of that word and you know that. And speaking English well does not qualify you as an anglophone in Cameroon. It is not your dictionary meaning that establishes that social identity in Cameroon. It is our history. Ok back to Nico Halle. The supporters of the regime are as bad as the regime itself. The only great man I know who worked for this regime was late Mr Jomia Pefok - the first government delegate for the Bamanda Urban Council. He saw it, gave it a try, saw the futility in the whole exercise, and declared unequivocally what he thinks of it and resigned. Case closed. That is greatness. Essono, what ever thing the SCNC has said and done, one has stuck in my mind. They said that it is bad table manners to talk when your mouth is full. It is. Their mouths including Mr Halle's are full and they want it that way so they maintain good table manners. I am not an extremist. I am someone who does not like half measures. You are either in or out. You can not be halfway in or out. Remember Humpty Dumpty. He was sitting on all and then had a great fall and could not get up. Cameroon and Africa at large can only come out of this mess if we call a spade a spade. What is wrong and difficult for this great Nico Halle to say in plain English that the electoral commission he is so influential in is toothless, corrupt, and of no use to the political system. That statement alone will help Cameroon very much. As for being a great lawyer I have no problem with that. Are great lawyers not corrupt too? Ghana is different from most African countries today because Rawlings made a clean sweep of the old order and started from scratch. It is even written in the Bible in Matt 9:16-17 that 'No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse. Neither do men put new wine in old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles and both are preserved' The bible has never been wrong Essono. I am not a born again christian, mark you. All these collaborators of the regime are evil people and birds of the same feather flock together. Lastly Essono, talking about being great or whatever. Do you think these people up the high ranks of the regime are bad people per se? No they could be kind, good parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, friends in their private lives. But their approach to public service is what makes the difference. I am concerned with their public lives and how it affects mine and I do not have to care about how good, bad or great they are. Read this summary: Q - Does his public life affect mine? A - Yes. Q - How? A - Negatively. Conclusion - He is a bad guy, period. What he does with his family, friends, acquaintances, in his backyard is of no concen of mine.
What are the goals and objectives of this NOWEFO? For any answer to be meaningful I would like some tangible achievements to be quoted by this organisation. Then in comes the so called Ntumfor, who is member of a fraudulent, government contraption called electoral commision. How could any honest person accept serve in such an organisation and be considered a greatman? Ofcourse greatness in Cameroon comes when appointed by the very devil we call a president Biya. How some Cameroonians with a straight face could have the nerve to hate the master and appreciate his loyal servant is beyond my comprehension. This attitude is common with Anglophones who alawys try to cry foul when one of theirs is accused of corruption. In Cameroon it is alright for francophones to be considered corrupt but not Anglophones. Most intriguingly, gossips about who has done this or that is always rife until an arrest is made. JB Nde is free now. Maybe he is actually a clean person but today we all know he is just one of the corrupt persons. When he is accused and arrested The Post as usual will immediately start writing of victimisation. How can we make any progress with falsehood, nepotism, bias, and plain dishonesty? It is hard to ignore the unfair treatment from the francophone govrnment of Cameroon but at the same time we must accept the fact that we are too uncommitted to win any struggle against them. They seem to know that vry well.
WAS IT NECCESSARY TO IDENTIFY A VICTIM OR HIS FRIEND AS CALL BOX OPERATOR OR BREAD SELLER? My comment might seem insignificnant and unneccesary but any objective mind would agree with me that it has far reaching consequences. It is and will continue to be the cause of many of our socio-economic problems in Africa. In all of Africam one of the greatest problems people face is 'THE BIGMAN SYNDROME' All over the continent in different ways in the diffeent countries,the BIGMAN can defy the law, get even with the small man irrespective of the laws of the land. In the public administration there is also a clear distinction between the BIGMAN and any other civil servant. The most important point here is that this BIGMAN must be accepted as such or whoever does not suffers dire consequences. The BIGMAN recruits, fires, controls finances, decides payments, decides promotions, etc etc. Infact the BIGMAN is all powerful. In politics the BIGMAN orders the small man who to vote for. At times this is done through outright threats aided by the police which is also heavily influenced by the BIGMAN. This influence could be by what public office the BIGMAN holds or by the financial power he weilds. I don't think I need elaborate any further because most of us Africans have experience with this BIGMAN syndrome everyday of our lives. So because there are these BIGMEN, elections , recruitment, contract award, scholarships, admissions into schools, development priorities can never be fair in the society. Infact for the BIGMAN to exercise his power, he must make sure the public knows him well. That is why in Africa titles are extremely important. It would be generally 'insulting' if you do not address any member of parliament as 'Honourable' this or that. Once a member of parliament, the title Mr. Mrs. or Miss. is discarded and considered an insult when used again. The director f a corpoation ceases to be Mr. X or Y. MOstly in Francophone countries whether at home, in the office, at wedding celebration, funeral, in a joint with friemds etc etc, he is 'Monsieur le Directeur' This use of titles, and in particular honestly and hard earned tiltes, is not a bad idea if they were not used to supress those of lesser social or professional classes. But in a society like ours where medical care, police protection, job recruitment etc. are all tied to being a holder or being a favourite of someone with these titles, it is always unprofessional for the media to influence public perception of members of society by their social or professional stations. The victim of the fire accident in this report is a 'MAN' period. His operating a call booth for a living has nothing to do with being a fire victim. Was it the booth that caught fire and caused him injuries? Also identifying his friend as a bread seller had nothing to do with the entire incident. By doing that, a society poisoned by the BIGMAN syndrome would pay less than adequate attention to this victime because as a mere booth operator or bread seller what is there to benefit in assisting him? How would it sound to anyone's ears when you receive a call like this 'Please help, A BREAD SELLER'S house is on fire' as opposed to '...HON. TACHE'S house is on fire?' Only hypocrites and a very insignificant objective few in our society will say such distinctions will never influence their responses to such situations.
No Essono I am not completely off the mark. I had to quote examples of all the halfhearted attempts these guys make to do anything in Cameroon. I have read most of your postings here and I agree with you that you are a no nonsense critic of the regime. But as much as you do not give them a breathing space I too will not give you a breathing space if you even try to ralax a bit in criticising them. You see if such a pole was used by another country with a track record of seriousness in their development prgrams I would not have bothered that much. But even if you give tthe Cameroon Authorities a year to prepare for such a ceremony, these guys will still pull this kind of fake stunt. That is how they operate and it does not limit itself to situations where there are emergencies. Soldiers use anything to make a statement with flags in wartime. They must not go and try to get a designer pole from somewhere to do that with. But the Cameroon government is a basket case and they should not make any excuses. It is their style. Essono, I don't think we are very much on opposite sides of the matter but my rebuttal to you was because I just sensed that you tried to give them a breathing space they do not deserve.
These guys are all crooks. I even hate the word elite. Who is not an elite? Everyone of us conributes accoding to his or her own means for our development. None is greater than the other. That term elite is segregational. When an Association called Northwest Elite Association was formed in Bamenda the NW people were against the useless thing. Francis Nkwain and his kind tried to hold a meeting up station . People stormed the meeting and it ended there. Who is not an elite? Arranging for PM's visit. Does the PM not have travel allowance given him by his master Paul Biya? Where did Forjindam have all the money to do all these 'great' things? If he did not steal let him display his paysheet and we compare with the assets he owns in Cameroon today and possibly overseas. We can check that out if need be.