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I agree with Henry Gibson; But use something called a device that is rechargeable and not damaging like a huge reactor we are all familiar with. Remove the clumsy with something that in essence is portable.
But the intention was for China to gain access to Mongolia's mines and access the precious minerals at a far cheaper price then they can in their own country. The company called Exro: Is the solution in transmission conversion of energy in rotating mass into electricity at higher efficiencys then at todays current standards.
One companys solution is an ultra-capcitor called the EEStor:
I am not a geologist but the temperature of the rock beneath NYC only rises to usable levels once you achieve more then 8,000 vertical feet.
A higher efficiency return might be to use a type of Rankine cycle that makes energy from low heat sources. Develop the characteristics into this equation and you should generate way better energy output.