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You know the reason, Andy. The LECs (who own most of the wireless subscribers anyway) put the pressure on the VoIP providers via their political puppets at the FCC for no other reason than to create financial and technical burdens to slow down the upstarts such as Vonage (pureplay) and Comcast (bundled) from stealing their landline customers. At $36/month for basic phone service, I'd be terrified if some competition threatened my cash cow, too.
I think that Comcast is making huge inroads because they aren't selling "VoIP", but rather “digital voice”. My sister and her husband have it in Parker, Colorado, yet have no idea what VoIP is. They only know they have telephone service from the Cable company. I guess it never occurred to them that something was different when they were not using the existing wall jacks but use a multi-handset cordless set-up instead. "Hey, I'm not selling you lemons...these are tart oranges." Clever, those Comcast boys. The second advantage, bundling, is undeniable. Most non-techies I know (my sister in CO with a cable bundle, my wife's parents in CA with a fiber bundle, both my cousin and my aunt in New York with cable bundles, etc.) enjoy the bundled packages. Some of them don't want to have to shop for multiple providers, nor do they even know what they are shopping for, in some respects, so the complete package is a godsend for them. Personally, I prefer a-la-carte models for my services. In addition to being picky by nature, I also only want to pay for those pieces I actually use. But I am certainly in a minority shrinking segment especially with HDTV/IPTV/On-Demand-Video as part of the bundles. I don’t see how any stand-alone VoIP provider is going to steal significant market share in the future, especially now that the lumbering incumbents and cable monopolies are totally up to speed with the technology. Are there even enough left for an aggressive roll-up and cost-cutting approach?
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