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Congrats to Albert. Fortunately for him, the NL didn't have some idiot Japanese writer with voting rights to screw up his much deserved unanimous selection.
Reading Bronson Arroyo's comments, it's clear that he's very level headed and his rationale is very logical. He clearly has no future as GM of the Reds... or most other organizations.
"Can't wait til these awards bonuses are out of player's contracts. Miggy got 200k for that one vote. What's to say he could just talk to the Kyodo writer and offer him 100k for a vote?" Well that would at least demonstrate that there was a logical reason for casting that vote.
"Jeter also changed his offseason conditioning to increase his range to his left, which has always been his weakness." ...which is why I also said, "Sure he deserves some credit for that..."
First season in ages that Jeter has put up anything close to above-average defensive metrics. Sure he deserves some credit for that. But it's not a coincidence that it happened in the first season in years where the Yankees had a 1B capable of bending over far enough to get his glove dirty.
Supermet, that's the price you pay for being a fan of a team in the NY market. Enjoy.
MNRunLeft... don't take my word for the $83 million figure as of right now... see Joe Christensen's StarTribune blog on the subject. He lays it out pretty well.
stellar, you have trouble imagining it because you haven't done any more research than Olney. If the Twins make NO more moves this offseason, they've already got over $83 million in payroll next year. They're still looking to add a 3B or 2B and a SP. Easily could go in to 2009 with a payroll north of $90 million. That's with Mauer making $12.5 million. Figure he's going to AT LEAST make $20 million in 2011 and there's $100 million right there, even without raises for anyone else on the roster. People really need to get their minds around the fact that you don't predict the Twins' payroll in 2010 and beyond by looking back at what it has been in the Dome.
I'm disappointed in the lack of perspective from Buster in his column. There are a couple of MAJOR differences between the Mauer and Helton situations. The age difference was glossed over. Helton will be 37 when his contract is up. It might be a valid comparison for Mauer's NEXT contract after this one. The Twins are also no longer a small revenue team. Moving in to the new stadium and leaving behind the abismal lease they had at the Dome means the Twins are likely going to be seeing revenues exceeding $200 million beginning as early as next season. Mauer's contract this time around won't come close to eating up the percentage of their total payroll that Helton's has in Colorado. The Twins will be a $100+ million payroll team beginning at least by 2011. I'd expect Mauer to be seeng about $20 million of that. That leaves over $80 million for the rest of the team... in other words, even after paying Mauer, they'll have more to spend on other players than their entire payroll has been in any season in their history. Disappointing shoddy research for this column. It was more along the lines of a column I'd expect to see written by a NY columnist who sees no reason to do any research before filling their column-inch quota. I expect better out of Olney.
The obvious answer regarding what to do about the #2 spot is simply to shift everyone up a notch and have the league's best OBP guy in the 2 position. Span Mauer Morneau Cuddyer Kubel Young Hardy "NewGuy" Punto Unfortunately, it's not so obvious to Gardy who seems intent on slotting in lousy OBP infielders at the #2 spot to ensure there's always at least 1 out before his best hitters come up.
Here ya go, YankeFan. Joe Christensen's blog from the Star Tribune.
"I cant see the Twins giving up Gutierrez unless Capps in included in the deal. He is young and they will most likely hang on to him and hope like hell he pans out to his full potential so they can at least come out even in the Santana deal." Um... what does Gutierrez have to do with the Santana deal? You mistaking him for Guerra?
"the Dodgers are one of the teams relying on psychological data to select and handle their players." This would be the same Dodgers that traded for Manny, right? I guess that tells us something about what sort of pyschological profiles they're looking for in their player selection/handling process.
Since I really don't follow the Marlins, I can't say what other options may have been better. But as a Twins fan, I can just offer the opinion that if Ayala is the answer... you're probably asking the wrong question. He was brutal.
That's great news! That should accelerate the demise of the Marlins and make Dan Uggla available on the trade market before the deadline.
LaVelle E Neal at the Strib reporting in his blog that the Twins have offered $3mil... conditioned on Sano proving he's 16. Consider me very surprised the Twins are willing to write that kind of check.
The Twins still have a logjam in the outfield and would have Gomez and Span who would meet the Nats' defensive needs. Delmon Young is the guy the Twins would like to deal, of course. Span is probably close to untouchable. Twins might like to have Christian Guzman back.