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Let me put it this way, Obama said muslims invented “algebra”. He is wrong. Muslims invented the pen. He is wrong. Muslims invented the magnetic compass. He is wrong. Muslims invented the astrolabe. He is wrong. Muslims invented printing. He is wrong. Finally, President Obama said, “And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” After being wrong about all those easily verifiable facts, am I to believe he finally got one right ? Nope. He is wrong again. Charles ‘The Hammer” Martel agrees with me. Don't miss the significance of his attempt. Why did Obama credit muslims with those inventions ? He did that to make the case that the islamic world has contributed much to benefit the world. Pens ? Printing ? Algebra ? So, according to Mr. Obama, without muslims, the world would literally be without reading, writing, and arithmetic. But, as you correctly pointed out, muslims didn’t invent those things. Obama counldn’t mention any great muslim inventions, because by and large, there aren’t any. His premise is destroyed. Muslims have not contributed much to the progress of civilization. That Obama was so wrong, on such basic facts, suggests an unfathomable ignorance about Islam. Further more, I ask you, What is the pathology of a person who will look you in the eye, and say, “I invented pens, printing, and algebra.”, when that is not true ? Probably, it is someone who would deny the Holocaust. Probably, it is someone who would repeat the Holocaust. Derek p.s. Obama will say a muslim built USA’s tallest building. He didn’t have the guts to say muslims also destroyed The World Trade Center Towers. He just referred to them as “attacks”.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on Obama's Muslim Speech "Revealed" at Atlas Shrugs
Don't you know, we are all the same ? I can't even count the number of jews with explosive vests. Oh, wait, I can. The number is zero.
I was banned for posting the comment, "Charles, you have been sucking lately." I've always kinda wanted a site where other people tell why they were banned. I think that would be very entertaining and informative.
I was going to try to caption that photo... I was going to say something like, "There is no chin under Baituallah Mehsud's beard, only the world's largest herpes blister." Then, I looked closer at the photo. I noticed that dude doesn't seem to have a beard. That seems strange. I thought all those guys have beards. And, the color of his shoprt hair directly under his hat doesn't seem to match the color of his longer, gray hair. Looks like a disguise. I think that guy may have a day job somewhere in a city. Also, the U.S. State Department shouldn't be spreading propaganda for a person that the U.S. Military is trying to kill or capture. I know...that is complicated.
Curious.... So, talking about, Joanie de Rijke, is more of an insult than, say, kidnapping and repeatedly raping, Joanie de Rijke ? Is that the logic they're using now-a-days ?