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Hi Rick, On DOMAIN-LORDS Many long posts are seen in the past weeks from 'Domain Lords'. And a lot attacks were made against. We did not hear anyting from you. I feel that we should not ignore his value of advocating Domain DEVELOPMENTs & as Google is controlling the majority traffic in USA & around the globe his ideas could be worth analyzing & get benefits under current circumsctances when PPC companies are closing their parking businesses. We would appreciate your comments on 'Domain Lords'views rather than attacking him. Also if you understood his point please make it in easy language as always you did for your blog readers. What is his detailed idea to make money from domain names. Gratefully,
@DomainLords, Your all feedback found very powerful.Could you please elaborate with tips factors to develop a domain,niche,affiliate,leads,leasing etc.Appreciate it as makes sense!!
Hi Rick, What is the point of advocating Frank with your personal ref while he is not open to get business from SME investors in domains? Gratefully, Altaf
Rick, Hi What a level playing field you created! Nice & creative discussions that make sense to all. But one guy here said in this blog that ext. does not matter. Development & optimization with business models matters most to make good income. In that case why not .Co will survive? along with ccTLD. In my city I see ccTLD WS on the billboard. They do not care .com or other ext. while considering business models & selling goods & services over the net(OTN). Gratefully,
Dear Rick, we think Domain Lords words make sense. Your comment on this perception will make readers more comfortable. gratefully,
Nice Feedback! If that means to buy high cpc names is it available from the auctions drops? or to buy with very dear p.Your view pls.