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Greenville, SC
an ordinary dude with an outrageous vision...
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Skip, You nailed it. What you think about most you become. If you think that you "never get a break" then you probably never do. If you think that you "can't do that" then you probably won't... Great reminder. Dan Waldschmidt p.s. That's what you say betrays what you think about you...
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Rohit, Standing for something bigger is one of the most powerful marketing positions possible. It is something that many small companies do well at simply because of their position in the marketplace. They want change, have no traction, and look to the "the greater good" as a stimulus to accelerate their market position. As you brilliantly noted, this is not so common in big companies. Well done AMEX... Dan Waldschmidt p.s. Thanks for sharing this perspective...
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