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School administrators just like Steven Colledge ought to be stripped of his school administrative credentials and barred from teaching a class or running a school anywhere. What a scumbag he is.
What raised my eyebrows is the three times visits to James Jones (National Security Council chief) of Maurice Greenberg, the disgraced former head of AIG.
On the second picture: OMG, Iran has its own Albert Einstein Militia Squad!
Uh, why would the Muslim teen wanted back pay for the job she didn't get from A & F? Methinks she and CAIR are running a scam game. And to CAIR people reading this blog, GET THE FUCK OUTTA USA! We don't needed Muslim/CAIR scammers around.
If these 4 men are to remain in Bermuda for a good long time, then the Islamization of Bermuda Island has began.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2009 on Living in a Terrorist's Paradise at Atlas Shrugs
Pam, it is very, very obvious to you that the today's incident at the Holocaust Museum is a reflection of Obama's anti-Israel/anti-Jewish sentiments: Obama has actually emboldening anti-Jewish/anti-Israel extremists and white supremacist nutjobs to lash out and attack anyone who's a Jew or an institution that support Israel or the Jews all over. Face it, Pam, it is happening because of Obama's stance toward Israel and the Jews. He feigns "concerns" about the Jews but in reality, he's a full-blown hypocrite.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2009 on Please Shepard Smith Out the Door! at Atlas Shrugs
Did anyone read this morning's AP article on Obama's trip to Saudi Arabia? Scroll down in the article, see this biggest crock of baloney from the White House: Critics accused Obama of bowing to the Saudi monarch during a photo-op. The White House maintained he was merely bending to shake hands with a shorter man. The King of Abdullah... a shorter man?!!!! BIG FREAKING BALONEY!!!
The "hate crime" legislation is another perfect example of the "decivilization" of America, Pamela.
This legislation seem to focus on young people aged 2 to 17, not adults. Now I really question wisdom of applying a federal law on children younger than 7 years of age for cyberstalking or Internet harassment. The whole legislation should be either tossed to trash or re-written by 1st Amendment scholars from EFF, not dumb-azz liberal politicians from the Left Coast.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Use a blog, go to jail at Public Secrets
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That, Pamela, is a perfect example of "decivilization": enemies come to a host country that has a history, laws, cultures and traditions, then take advantage of the country's goodwill, laws and services, and use them to undermine, erode and destroy the foundational structures of the host country. Thus making the host country a part of their own. Our enemies are trying to "decivilize" the United States of America with all possible means and opportunities. You are already seeing the results of Muslim immigrants decivilizing European countries bits by bits. They have no intention of assimilating and integrating into European civilization, traditions and cultures other than imposing their owns. This is called cultural supremacy. Europe tried to civilize Africa, India and the Middle East, the angry descendants of Africa, India and the Middle East are decivilizing Europe and the USA in return. The Western Roman Empire, by mid-5th century, came undone by disloyal, lazy, indifferent Roman citizens, the barbarians, mad political intrigues, betrayal, and declining hygienic standards.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on JIHADI BILLBOARD IN ALBUQUERQUE at Atlas Shrugs