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Thanks for the kind words Brad.... so I'm wondering, why don't you change your business model so you do get that $1 for every time...? ;)
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I'm flattered to be on this list - thank you for including me :) And very glad that my training equaled AWESOME results for you! - j
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Yeah, I think you are nuts. But I thought that before this post. ;) I also think you would stay up til 3, or get up at 3, even if you had that job. I think it's more your nature than your job. I was offered a job shortly after I started my own company ( It was hard to turn down health insurance and stability (whatever that means). But after a day of thinking and talking with my wife, we decided to move forward on our own. We could touch more people, and be affect our income more, on our own, than in a job. Not that either of those are impt to you, but they were to us. Since then I've had a few other opportunities I've passed on and make the decision to NOT do them (bad english, eh?) were easy to make, and once I made them, it was easy to move on. Opportunities come and go. Whether you work for yourself, or for a company (sounded like a great opportunity), you'll always be awesome. And, if they suck the life out of you, you'll figure out when it's time to leave. Because you know what it's like to be without, which is something that scares the ____ out of many people who have always had that "stable" job. Good job expressing your feelings about this very difficult decision.
Polly - this was a brilliant production. I should mention it is only 17 pages... that is small enough to digest, but the way you guys put it together you put a lot of gems in those 17 pages. Whether you are looking for a job at a startup or a fortune 10 company, this book is invaluable. Great job! Jason Alba
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Amen. I suggest taking an hour or two and reading "How to Become a Rainmaker" as it has some excellent tips on what salespeople do to capitalize on that hard-to-get meeting (aka, interview) and what NOT to do when you get there! I read this two years ago and haven't forgotten specific things to not biff the opportunity.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2006 on Job Hunting Prep at Guerrilla Job Hunting
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Great information! Going off of the "identity brand" I think that every professional (or wannabe professional) should have a personal brand - and the website and a personal blog are great ways to build your personal brand. Of course, if done wrong you'll brand yourself as a goofball that no one will want to hire. But if done right you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2006 on Your job hunting web site at Guerrilla Job Hunting
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