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Internet intersections: technology, marketing, design
Interests: technologies, models, methods
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Back when we were in Second Life, TROI Timtam & I created a replica of the Dunder Mifflin office from "The Office" from floorplans someone shared up online. When I came across the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce floorplan the other day, my first thought was - oh this would be a fun build. Too bad we sold off all our islands! Anyway, I hope someone has a go of it: Steve/Kiwini
I did a hack a couple years ago mashing up AdSense and Second Life. I scripted an object that had a couple modes. In one, it scanned the environment for objects, and based on the descriptions it would float Google ads over itself and make itself clickable to the ad landing page. In another it would listen to nearby avatar conversations and float up Google ads based on the conversation content. I have screenshots somewhere. Of course it violated everyone's TOS so it stayed a piece of random hackery in my inventory.
I also was one who switched my vote from not raising my hand the first time to voting with Jacobson. Much as I have forever admired Stewart Brand, he didn't make the case for me. I wonder, though, if Bill Gates could have better argued the pro- case. I was also influenced by Jacobson's article in Scientific American, which I had read before the conference:
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on The TED2010 Debate at Bird's Eye View
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Clear Ink, the actual company behind the SL inclusion in "The Office", chose the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (previously designed by the Encore Design Group) as one of locations where filming for the episode occurred. The clip that you show doesn't include the footage from Babylon.