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Enclosed is the reson for cancelling my account I will be sending a copy if the following to your corporate headquarters. The quality control of your dvds in your online rental program has little to be desired. After numerous complaints and attempts to advise you about the damaged dvds that you keep sending out even the damaged dvds you send to replace the damaged dvds I have sent back, and completly indicating on them that they are damaged, the problems have never been adresssed and no quality control has ever been put in place, therefore I could not be given a fair membership to your home delivery program, I was never given the chance to rent the amount of dvds I should have recieved within the the expressed benefits of you membership. Instead of upgrading the quality of your inventory you gave coupons to use in my local store which defeats the benefit of home delivery. More than sixty percent of the dvds you sent were unable to be viewed. I felt I kept my membership long enough for you to address the problems I have communicated to you numerous times with no results forthcommming I am forced to cancel my membership and still very unsatisfied by the terrible and condesending customer service I have recieved.