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Njei Moses Timah
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I appreciate everything said by Marilyn Greene. I was bemused when she said her motto was "do no harm" and that Cameroonian journalists should tell the truth. I hope she was not also advising them to adopt her motto. May I remind Marilyn that in our own part of the world, TRUTH DOES HARM most of the time to the 'authority people'. So sister if you have to practise journalism here, you may have to revise your motto. Njei M.T
It is so sad that African leaders cannot sit down and create conditions that will keep their citizens at ease in any African country. When Nigeria expelled foreigners in 1983 and 1985, that action was unpallatble to many observers. We are today in 2005 and another mass movement of people is heading Nigeria's way from Cameroon. Many countries including Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon have caused people to move en masse from their soil. When shall we ever get organized and live as civilised people on this continent? Njei M.T
Looking at it from a neutral angle, I think the prof has addressed issues in a more mature way compared to the childish accusations and counter-accusations we have been reading from the party top brass (him inclusive) of recent. I suggest that others should emulate his approach. Njei M.T
The editor of 'The Post' newspaper should understand that certain news items are sensitive and weighty and must be thoroughly investigated before putting them on paper. Stories like these should come from sources like the type that announced (sometimes ago) the death of the president and not from a respected newspaper. A journalist is supposed to be sensitive to information that is questionable (in this particular case, the amount of money mentioned should have rang a bell to Clovis Atatah). Njei M. Timah (Freelance & Feature Writer)
Unless Dr. Njeuma is sure that her tenure at Yaoude 1, will be crisis-free, she should honourably retire from the public service. I think she has served this country for so long that she deserves rest. The worst thing that should happen to her now will be another student crisis that will finally erode whatever respect she still has. If that happens, she will become like an unwanted hot potato within the academic circles. Remember the case of the late Shah of Iran that was swept away by the Islamic revolution, and virtually no country was willing to give him abode. Njei M.T
I am not an economic expert but I can clearly see the direction of Cameroon's economy. I will be pleasantly surprised if at the end of this year, the economy has not contracted. When foreigners and Cameroonians alike are now thinking of going to invest in neighbouring countries, we should know that something is seriously wrong with the way this country is run. Njei M.T
From the way I see things going at UB, it seems the clouds are still gathering for a stormy season ahead. Njei M.T.
One of the several instances that people in uniform have been caught embarassing their their profession and the country. Too bad for Cameroon. Njei Moses Timah
I think it is unfair to cite non-oil producing countries like Niger, Burkina-Faso, Mali etc to boost Cameroon's defence for increasing petrol prices. We have been tapping the 'Free God-given' crude oil for over three decades while these countries depend almost entirely on importation from abroad for their own petroleum products. If our country has ran out of excuses, she better shuts up. That is more honourable.
The admission that corruption is pervasive in Cameroon is no news. The news that we are expecting is how the problem will be solved. Njei M.T.
Socatur has been unable to manage the monopoly accorded her to ferry people across the bridge. Socatur cannot be complaining when long lines of between 30 to 50metres form at their bus stops and there are no buses. I bet that if this monopoly was accorded a competent entity, their coffers will be overflowing with cfa francs. It is management 'a la Camerounais' that is possibly responsible for Socatur's woes. Do you want us to believe that it is due to bad roads that your predecessor 'SOTUC' went bankrupt? Njei M. Timah
I am enclined to believe that Dr. Ndi was misquoted.
If the governor's recommendation can not be applied to the letter, I wil suspect that some past and present administrators of Wum are profiting from the ongoing conflict and as such will prefer the situation to remain the same. Njei Moses Timah
Good knews for the teeming thousands that flock to America for education. Only time will tell if some people will not 'africanize' the American University. Njei M. Timah