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True! Cameroonians can be good actors too. Cameroon has a lot of talent to help build a movie industry and it is time for us to start making use of it. "Switching Hearts" by Nche Francis et. al is a very good example to proof the claim that we have talent in Cameroon. "Switching Hearts" is acted exclusively by young talented Cameroonians without the influence of any foreign actors. I do not mean to be "Countryistic", but we do not need people from outside to come and act our movies. Menget says: "the movie industry is not lucrative because it is at an image building stage ... greed and backstabbing are the major hindrances to the progress of the industry." This is well said. Even more important is the fact that this is just a stage. We shall bypass this stage soon. I just want to encourage any Cameroonian who is engaged in the movie industry to keep on. I have always believed that the televsion is a very important tool we can use to educate and entertain the society. There are a lot of things that are inherently Cameroonian and only Cameroonian movies with Cameroonian born actors can really portray these things. If you live in the DC Metropolitan area in the U.S.A and you are interested in engaging in what I like to call the "Paysans Movie Industry" send an email to
Ambiana is bringing Hollywood to Cameroon. Now that her husband has been made bar council President and she knows he is making more CFA, she wants a share of it. I guess the unemployment rate in "Mbenge bakala" is taking tool on her too. Sorry my sister!
Nih John Fru Ndi will without doubt go down in history as one of the most popular advocates of democracy in Cameroon. Unfortunately, just like other African leaders he has tasted the sweetness in power and wants to continue sucking on it. If I were him, I would step down as chairman and give the chance to someoneelse. If I decide to be loyal to Muna et. al it is because I support the fact that SDF needs a change. Pa Johnnie, with all due respect, for the sake of your political career and for the sake of what people will say about you when you are no longer there, please step aside and give others a chance. If they perform worse than you, the people will ursher you back in grand style. You are getting old and going back and forth to court is not going to help you. What a baby sees sitting down, an adult cannot see even if he/she lies down on their stomach.
The ideas in this article are very good. However there is a mistake we should never make. That is to underextimate the importance of technical education. Techology, Engineering, Achitecture and handyman jobs are bred in the technical schools. If developed nations are what they are today it is because they made good use of technical education. Therefore instead of trying to let the technical colleges crumble it is wiser for CATTU or other organizations to clamor for drastic reforms to revamp technical education. Another way to look at it to incorporate technical education into what we call General education in Cameroon.Many cameroonians like me who have ventured into the diaspora can testify to the importance of technical education. If not, next time you take your car to a mechanic or your radio/television for repairs you will wish that you had gone to Ombe. Peace
The media when used correctly could be very influential in not only educating the public, but also in exposing the misdeeds of the government. In the western world, journalists act as undercover police officers. They snitch behind people and publish important newsbreaks. History buffs will remember the role Bob Woodward and his friends at Washington Post played in uncovering the Watergate scandal during Nixon's administration. If Washington Post is one of the most widely read newspapers in the world today, it is thanks to Wooward. What I am getting at is the fact that Cameroonian Journalists should be able to do their homework each time they are publishing a story. If they do their devoir, then they will be able to defend themselves if need be. Whatever Belinga's motive was, he has disgraced journalism as a profession. The learning process continues though.
The man's comments are so pure and filled with good ideas. I wish we had so many of his kind. Please stay clean and help us fight the devil out of the house.
It is sad what Mr. Eno must have gone through, but it is not worth it to through yourself into the Criminal Justice System in America because of a woman. Whatever the circumstances, the wisest thing for him to have done was to divorce Rachel and find his real love whereever it is. No Judge will show sympathy towards him. The facts of the case show that he has committed first degree murder with a deadly weapon. And since the crime took place on a public highway, the prosecutor might be adding the charge of reckless driving and endangerment of other motorists. He cannot use the 'heat of passion defense' because it now stands that he had enough time to plan his crime. He bought a gun, he sought help on how to use the gun and he followed his wife and probably waited outside the motel until his wife and manfriend were done with whatever activity they were engaged in. Sorry Mr. Eno, sooner or later Rachel will become someoneelse's girlfirend. As for you, you might become someone's girlfriend in jail.
It is extremely sad for the poor people who are chaffing because they have not been paid their money to find their names on a list indicating that they are thieves. That is the problem, we can not use corruption to fight corruption. It is like using death to fight a population shortage. How absurd for a minister to bribe journalists to make him look like he is doing something. We might have to learn to do business in a more intelligent way. God help us!
I totally agree with the MP. Fighting corruption in Cameroon is comparable to finding a cure for the HIV virus. Though achievable, the propensity of success is very slim. Those who are supposed to fight corruption are corrupt and rationality will teach us that no one will fight against himself/herself. Corruption is fast becoming a religion or a sub-culture in Cameroon. Not to be very pessismistic, we will surely need more than prayers and time. God hear our prayer! King Elvis
This Corruption thing is really dragging our country behind. I was talking to a friend who hails from Ethiopia and he was very amazed that we have a corruption dillema. He told me that in Ethiopia-one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth-, police officers are decorated by the government, but confirmed by the people every year. If the people decide that a police officer is corrupt he/she is booted out. The people who give bribe to the officers should also be held accountable. Herr Gott! hoeren bitte unser Gebet!
This stuff is gradually gaining grounds in Africa. No matter what explanations people give for becoming gays and lesbians, I do not buy them. Testoterone, Estrogen, learned from parents or even the pastor's subconcious theory are just a bunch of "BS" Let any lesbian or gay answer the following questions: If their parents had gotten married to people of the same sex, how could they have been born? If everyone gets married to someone of the same sex, how do we ensure the continuation of the Human Specie? Enough of all the flimpsy escuses, get your lives together before the wrath of nature descends on you all. Women, there are many men out there who can make you happy. Men there are many women out there who can make you happy. You just have to find the right one. Viel Gluek!
I hardly knew her, but 'accident' and 'U.S' sound very familiar to me. Per DVM statistics,there were more than 6,328,000 car accidents in the U S in the year 2004. Driving a car on the Highway and on the county roads are similarly dangerous. each time that one gets home safely from driving, one has to thank God. No matter how good a driver you might be, there are folks out there who do not care about their lives once they are behind the wheels. Even though Law Enforcement officials claim that teenage drivers pose a great risk to motorist, I strongly believe that the Senior Citizens pose a even greater risk. Check out those drivers 70+ driving 10MPH on a 55MPH highway. I strongly believe that just like there is a minimum age requirement to obtain a Driver's Licence, there should also be a maximum age limit to keep the Licence. This should be done soon enough to avoid innocent citizens from loosing their lives.
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