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Martin Tibbitts
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It seems to be the nature of things for the government to over-regulate in response to a disaster. (I can only imagine the amount of TPS-reporting that will be required at FEMA now post Katrina). Is the cure worse than the disease when it comes to SOX reporting? It might very well be so. While we sell software to help streamline SOX compliance, for the sake of American Productivity I look forward to the pendulum swinging back towards the middle here. Martin Tibbitts
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As an outsider it is quite difficult to protect IP and business processes in China. I've held back from doing business in China due to the fact that it can be a fool's errand to enter into competition with state sponsored entities...who don't have to show a profit. Yes, I know that adversity creates opportunity and that there is usually a several year lag before the state gets interested in a market, bt it certainly reduces the potential reward in ways that you don't find in other countries. Martin Tibbitts
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2005 on Venture capital in China at BeyondVC
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