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I am still in shock since getting this sad news yesterday. May their souls rest in perfect peace. What i just want to remind us about is the fact that this must not neccessarily be considered an accident. Remember those days of Jean Forchive, the Slaughter man of Paul Biya ?? Many great Cameroonians lost their lives via such mean and ochestrated by the slaughter man. I will consider these deaths as Murder unless the authorities of La Republic bring in an independent body to investigate the circumstances. However, i am fully aware that this will never happen but the blood that has been spilled won't go in vain.
Vito, seems you are out of touch. Actually its not marriage between out two most respected state men, but rather the approval of same sex marriage by the south african parliament. It is a shame to our continent. i curse the day the white idiots introduced their culture to us. Things will never be the same again. Zhanks Lamy for your article. i fully agree with you. Whose children would these outcast wanna adopt ? If the want children, let them follow the rules of nature. May God forbide such laws from ever being thought of in our belove country.
Africa, please read between the lines !! It is stated in the opening sentence that Cameroon has a 75% LITERACY rate. Its the ILLITERACY rate that was 40% in 1997. ie., 60 percent LITERACY rate. So there has been an improvement of 15% over the past 9 years. I myself find the figures exagerated but one mustn't misquote.