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Wayne Huizenga- a notoriously connected to the FAMILY man- has been the owner of a certain Waste management company for years in addition to having owned the Miami Dolphins and bought and sold the Florida Marlins and given South Florida its first World Champion team- thanks to a huge mercenary payroll and a good team - but a really odd baseball stadium.. Allegedly Huizenga, who is of course alleged to have mob ties would be in the garbage halling business- I mean Tony Soprano works in that business as well so it stands to reason that its a good business for hiding profits from other enterprised. What I have heard through very very smart sources is that Blockbuster was used as the PERFECT Company to launder money in- I mean really-how does anyone know if they rented 1000 videos or 10, its impossible to really know if you were the IRS so what better way to "clean" drug money etc. than to own Blockbuster and Waste Management-now I do not want to wake up with cement shoes so I need to state here-this is total Speculation and is very likely BS ;) But thats my story and I'm sticking too it. I think Ballbuster must be mighty pissed that a slodgy little operation like Netflix could come along and smartly snatch away over 50% of their customers in less than 2 years. But now Netflix is going down hill fast though so I suspect Walmart could get their business.