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Nell wrote: My point, to the extent I had one, is that it is no longer a rarity for African-Americans to be traditional Muslims rather than members of the Nation of Islam. First, let me say I am perfectly aware that NoI is considered heretical by many Muslims. (Elijah Mohammed was way, way out there vis-a-vis mainstream Islam.)But African-Americans convert to multiple species of Islam while in prison -- the NoI was just preferred for the past several decades among many blacks who -- just as white prisoners so frequently do, see, e.g. Charles Colson -- turn all religious once locked up. But what is the fear among the wingnuts? That NoI Islam will be totally displaced by the "orthodox" version if we lock up convicted Islamic terrorists in supermax prisons? That is preposterous, given the extreme isolation and insanity-inducing conditions of these prisons.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on We're Doomed! at Obsidian Wings
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