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Congratulations JK.You have set a pace for other young sobans and Buea youths. Keep up the spirit. Cheers Makaka Rutgers Business School New Jersey USA
The Chiefs, MP'S, Mayors et al. Most often development projects in the southwest are identified by the upper class( MP's Chiefs et al. To the best of my knowledge I wonder how those projects are identified and prioritized. What indicators were used? The upper class or opinion leaders address issues which reflects their needs not the masses. MP's and mayors should set up community needs assessment research projects for each segement of the population. There are several institutions that have the skills and expertise( UB and Pan African Institute for Development West Africa. Through that meduim information will be generated to address development concerns sustainably. The local masses will part of the process thus whatever project is selected refelcts the felt needs of the people. Please MP's, Chiefs, Mayor and others practise bottom top approach not vice versa.
I am proud of the 1990 class. Keep up the good. All Sobans in the diaspora cheerish your hardwork.
Mcmboms what Mr Lyonga studied has nothing to do with Aurea centro 100 case.Violation of intellectual property rights is a severe crime both at national and international circles. We should avoid getting into personal issues such as did you decide to go back to cameroon or what you studied. We are in the era of globalization thus individuals striving to survive must acquire diverse skills. You dont need to be an engineer to start up a company neither a medical doctor to run an HIV/AIDS project. We need to encourage Cameroonians in the diaspora to go back home and establish lucrative businesses. Batiston a good example of youth empowerment and we should all replicate his struggle in whatever we do. Mcmboom reframe your questions. Batiston keep up the struggle.