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This is the most stupid and embicilic statement ever made by a state administrator, wait let me rephrase it again "ndoh is "not" a convict" what was the minister thinking when he made such a useless statement infront of MP's. This statement is even more stupid than biya's "grande ambitions," stupidity is now been expressed in cameroon in any form.Minister's are taking turns to express their profound stupidity to the nation, just like the finance minister whose ministry exposed names of some ghost workers including permanent workers at the ministry,higher education minister with his imposing ideas on students in UB, now its the justice minister with his naive idea of "ndoh" not being a convict.Who will be the next cause madness is now ravaging the minds of our ministers.Their time is up they gotta go.GOD BLESS CAMEROON and free us from tyrants and non-chalant embiciles.
Enough is really enough, this is the time to take action,students should jointly boycott classes till their colleagues are released, Lambi and his associates should also be fired or resign and let another administration take over.If this can't happen, then i believe we shouldn't just sit down and watch this continue, we should get up and start the fight.It took Ivory Coast and many other African countries just a click to get into war, and i strongly believe cameroon is driving towards this direction because we are clearly seeing injustice amongst fellow cameroons.We can't continue with this, it really has to stop, biya and his ignoramous cowards have to leave and let others take control of the country.
Yes thieves with theatriatic ideas never hide,they always come up like they go down, sorry inoni has no choice but to join in such thievery ideas because he just like biya himself has proven to southern cameroonians that they are ready to destroy the young and intelligent.This will and shall never work in any way i promise them. It shall come to a stand still as soon as possible because we southerners are getting fed up with this marginalization and maiming of our innocent brothers.We shall succeed and prevail in all ways.Long live Southern Cameroon.
If this is an act of war then we must be ready to fight.This is absolute nonsence from the biya regime.What has that stooge in yaounde called inoni done this time around?nothing i guess "big coward".I think its about time we start burning down the houses of those who cornive with biya.If the police can open fire on unarmed students for the second time even after the same incident happened and two students lost their lives, then i believe this is a simple way of killing the learned anglophones.Things should not be taken for granted.I guess by now the etoudi boy has gone for one of his unusual trips to europe,after which he'll come and stupidly say, we will investigate.What about the first two who lost their lives, the best he could to investigate was to send the governor to yaounde after he made the statement "l'etat c'est moi".We need to see justice given to those who killed our students or else we too shall pick up guns and start the took countries like Ivory Coast, Congo, Rwanda,Sudan,Madagascar,neighbouring Chad just a simple mistake to start the conflict, so biya don't let this happen in our peaceful country because people like us are getting tired of your irresponsible judgement and ruling of the ocuntry. Long Live Southern Cameroon.
Biya and his government are at their best again, putting away innocent souls.Oh what a shame, peaceful cameroon, let me rephrase it, peaceless cameroon.This is a clear example of Hitler, Saddam,and the likes, Biya no matter how many you kill, you'll never succeed but judgement awaits you.May the soul of the two students rest in PERFECT PEACE, and for the police men who opened fire on unarmed students,no matter how you hide, your conscience will pursue you and youe family.Long live the Place To Be, Long Live the Anglophones.
I now see that this is clear evidence the french want to wipe out the peaceful anglophones.If there is any plans to topple the government, then i'll be prepared to help the rebels because this is getting out of hands.
Begin the trials with the great ambitions man himself, begin with biya and then there'll be justice in cameroon.Don't pretend to get a few and ignore the right people.I for one i'm awaiting that day when the tyrant will be persecuted because no matter where i'll be, i'll try my very best to make sure i witness his trial be it wherever on earth.
Oh what a perfect ranking but i doubt if it would sink into his block head, because he looks more like a devil than someone whom people can rely on to rule a country.What a shame for cameroon and yet people still believe in him and his tyranic ideas.When are we going to learn that this good for nothing human being is just there as figure head to disrupt justice and inflict pains on the innocent.I do hope the ICJ awaits him after his retirment provided he doesn't die there in a couple of years to come.People like this tyrant should not be given any mercy.Oh biya " you no di shame" every single international community as well as national communities do talk about your stupid, corrupt and embecilic ruling but you just pretend as if you don't get it.Don't you have a conscience, how do you sleep at night, do you care about your childrens future, where they'll prefer to settle, or you think they'll prefer to remain in france their whole life?Take time to think about yourself biya and leave that chair for good because you aren't just a figure head but also a menace to the population of cameroon.What kind of president are you, please go and let people be in peace,because the poverty will one day arouse something else. God Bless Cameroon.
Politics always has so many ways of dealing with people so as to blindfull the masses and with the help of gullible and greedy beings in the name of "cpdm" barons and money mongering cowards,who look and percieve upon themselves as happy people meanwhile they go to sleep everyday in their dreams, with one eye open and the other closed.I believe Biya was just recently declared one of the most corrupt presidents on planet earth- i doubt why they didn't say in the universe.He is now trying to get just a few people to blindfull foreigners but the grave thing is that many do know Cameroon is a hard place to do business, the main reason why we have very little foreign investment in Cameroon.Lets see what happens next when the 2007 municipal elections passes by, everything is virtually going back to its normal condition of harding, poverty, creepy starvation and all what not.My fellow Cameroonians, we are loosing everything for one fool who sits in a place where he never contributed or has never done anything to help the nation."God bless Cameroon."
Yes Pa Koumpa as you call yourself the governor of Northwest Province, you are just another coward of a human being, you are thinking of taking people who had been denied their due salaries to court.You must be one of the greatest fools of the great ambitions.People have been working hard for their money, they deserve the pay and when not paid prompting them to strike,the best you can do is take some of them to court."God bless you my son" because i see stupidity reigning in your mind.What the hell is wrong with some of you people.If you had been the one denied or ripped off his salary for lets not go right up to 2002, but lets just say for a month, would you go to that office of yours smiling?would you even show up for work?, but since as you have the means to steal and have many in station and out station allowances as well as tips, who cares after all, the rest can die.How much has the owners of CTE given you? do you now have a new car, i won't doubt it or probably you have built mansions in your village.
Ephraim looks frightened and embittered, I wonder the stress he goes through his daily life with the real embezzlers in Yaounde. What is his presence going to do or achieve, apart from bringing poverty and misery to the day to day strugglers in life.I know his arrival in kumba will shut down markets and roads hampering business but yet he fight against corruption."Quelle corruption?"Just like when he visited buea and the market was pushed a day ahead without informing the buyers and sellers.I wonder the kind of song that sings in the mind of these people.Mr Prime Minister, if you know your coming to kumba is to shut down businesses, then please,please,please, stay in yaounde because i doubt whether that much people feel your presence when you visit places in yaounde and douala."Even you too", don't forget you are an anglophone mr man.
What do you expect from an imbecile like the one who just came up as a minister. I wonder the criterion the government of cameroon uses to pick ministers because its looks like Biya picks mostly those whom he knows are ready to damage duely credified Institutions like the BLCC.I wonder what these "fools" do think when they sit infront of the screen, any way many had never thought they could make it up to such positions.What do you expect from a small ant whose tiny head is replaced with that of a soldier ant, of course it will bit.But i tell you ignorant fools who accept post they know they cannot back in the government for the time shall come when you'll all be gnashing and grinding your teeth behind bars because there'll be no where to hide when biya "quits or dies."You'll all be prosecuted even in your graves i promise you.Power sweets and sucks when you abuse it, look at others, if presidents can be prosecuted then who are you a minister.Prosecution will begin from biya to all his allies.