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I dont know how to swallow their death.I first heard of BB's death, and I thought,'he is always with Dr Ambe'.So I decided to call Dr Ambe just about 3 minutes after I heard of BB's death.I said, 'Dr, its Derick', and somebody emse answered, 'Dr Ambe is dead'.What I was afraid to hear, I heard it.I dropped the phone with disbelief. Adeus 'The Scholar', Adeus Dr Ambe.
I cannot believe that four people that I know and with some that I admire will come to leave this world at the same time. I will start with BB.As a lover of theatre arts, BB was an idol to me.I admired him as a writer and dramatist and an outspoken social critic. I came to know his 'Soul Mate', Dr Hilarious Ambe just about 8 months ago.In these 8 months, I have been working together with Dr Ambe.We worked tirelessly together during the Trade fair that took place in Buea.I can remember him in this words which he will usually say when we are drinking.He will say 'I am a scholar', and this in the same voice as BB.He will tell us BB is his his mentor.We will rarely converse a whole day without him bringing in the name of BB.He would always remind us that in his CV, he will never forget to put that he was a 'Roast Beef Vendor'.That is, he once roasted soya in Kumba. It's really a coincidence that he died alongside Awoh.When Ukwa (Nkem Owoh) came to Buea, Awoh was working with us.He was the one driving Ukwa.And Dr Ambe was the one looking after Ukwa during that period.We worked all of us tirelesly during that show.Dr Ambe trained the girls who danced with Ukwa that day. Tabe Awoh brought us back from Bamenda to Buea safely after the show in Bamenda with Ukwa.Despite the tiredness in him, he drove slowly and steadily and we reached Buea with no problem. I have always loved Kwasen Gwangwa since I started watching the numerous plays and sketches he directed.He was one of the rare anglophone directors that ever existed.All his works I have watched have been like 'dont stop watching'.I started watching Focus on Arts when I was in Class Seven, and will never like to miss it. The types of BB and Dr AMbe will rarely be seen.I can still get the voice of Dr AMbe talking as if it were BB talking.BB was all to him, and he decided to go on the same day with him. May the Almighty God grant all of them eternal rest in His heavenly kingdom. Prince the Don